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Make your wall decor roar

You want a feline decor and roaring. You love the animal world and nature. Your interior needs both freshness, robustness and tenderness. This is exactly what this most natural collection offers you, this decoration representing this or these lion(s) which will be a major part of your wall decoration.

In all its simplicity, this feline is appreciated because it gives us a furious desire to pet it but also makes us dread an indescribable fear. These paintings are sublime representations of the king of beasts in all his splendour.

Not sure where to install your lion board?

Your interior decoration is representative of how you feel. It is the image of your soul, the power of an open window on your personality. So to choose the ideal place to hang your painting representing the animal kingdom, you must project yourself into this room and feel the well-being that this sublime decoration can bring you.

Your loved ones will be won over by the nature and delicacy of this nonchalant animal that will adorn your walls with all the splendor and sobriety of what it represents.

In all their forms, lions have been a source of inspiration for the art world. The lion is a symbol of strength and power. It is the favorite totem animal of children, as well as many adults!

Explore our collection of lion paintings to discover the many benefits of the lion in your daily life.

What is the symbolism of a lion painting?

Many qualities are believed to be associated with the lion. The king of the savannah is not the lion. He is the symbol of power, legitimacy, justice, bravery and might (doesn't that sound like Lionheart?).

If you are looking for these qualities, the lion can be a great source of inspiration. Just walk past your lion painting or place multiple lion paintings in your home so you can watch the lion every day.

Combining the lion with other symbols, such as a lioness chart with the yin and yang symbol, or a family chart with lions, can serve as a reminder of family values ​​or to maintain balance between good and evil.

A lion painting can be more than just a decorative piece. It can also serve as a beautiful message to your loved ones.

A lion painting to give your decoration a touch of the savannah

The lion is an animal that is very artistic. There are pop art lion paintings and abstract lion paintings, as well as black and white lion paintings and colorful lion paintings. These paintings are meant to be decorative and to enhance your home decor.

You can instantly give your interior a safari vibe by choosing a lion in a savannah painting, an elephant and lion painting, or any other painting depicting this majestic species.

If you like animals, this pop art painting, canvas effect oil painting, or acrylic painting is the best choice for your decor.

Can I decorate any room with a lion painting?

There are no fixed rules, so you can decorate any room in your house with a lion image. It is true, however, that lion prints are more suitable for decorating specific rooms. It's a matter of taste, as with wall art and art.

A large painting is a safe choice for a living room, hallway or office if you don't want to take any chances with decoration.

While you can hang lion paintings in your bathroom and bedroom if you need to be strong in the morning, it is best to hang art paintings calmer in these pieces (fish painting or horse painting, landscape painting and nature painting, for example).

Your lion painting will not decorate a room.

Can a lion painting be used to decorate a child's room?

A tricky question!

Children love lions and some even consider them their totem animal. If so, you can opt for a lion wall decoration for your child's room.

The lion is one of the most inspiring animals, and a lion painting in a child's room can be a great source of everyday inspiration.

If the child is young or if the image of a lion frightens him at night, you can wait a few years. It is best to ask your child what he thinks of the wall decoration, then choose it with him.