How to make a trendy wall decoration

No matter how small, empty walls can be intimidating. They give off a feeling that the decoration has been neglected or is not finished. The trend in 2022: the walls must be beautifully decorated to add a final touch.

But how to make a trendy wall decoration. We tell you everything you need to know about the accessories that will bring your wall to life, including fashion photos, frames, trays and shelves, and macrame objects.

Is the white wall a good or bad idea?

Some people prefer white walls. The white illuminates and enlarges the room. White walls make a room feel minimal and clean and add visual balance.

White walls can make a space look unoriginal or lifeless. In fact, white walls are found in at least 75% of French homes.

While white is a good choice in most cases, the trend in wall decoration is for brightly colored walls. There are many ways to brighten up your interior with a variety of wall panels and columns.

Different wall decoration ideas

Wall decoration will be innovative in 2022 to bring personality and originality to any interior. These ideas will change the codes of wall decoration in the next twelve months.

A carpet that is not on the floor but on the wall

You've probably heard of rugs before. They are practical and comfortable accessories that cover our floors. These coatings will be on the walls in 2022. We love it!

The tapestry creates an ethnic, warm and enveloping feeling on the wall. It is reminiscent of a Moroccan living space. You can match your wall rugs with other trendy decor items like cushion covers, lamps and trays.

Wall patterns

When it comes to wall decor, the first thing that comes to mind is hanging things on the walls. Why not start by decorating the walls? You can create a focal wall by using the mural or wallpaper to add patterns.

Tip: transform your ceiling while you're at it! These decorative accents are a bold statement when done well with harmonious colors and patterns.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves can be used in any room, large or small. It can be both functional and aesthetic.

Hang your furniture if you don't have enough room for shelving or storage. Floating shelves add character and style to a room.

In 2022, we will avoid plastic and opt for shelves made of wood, metal or natural fibers such as rattan or wicker. This furniture can be used in the living room and bedroom to display your books, wooden sculptures or other decorative items.

Porcelain in plain sight

The fine china used to be hidden away in a cupboard. Today, it is fashionable to expose it. They are a great way to add a vintage, colorful and chic touch to your home.

Use wire plate racks to display your favorite dishes or serving platters on the wall. Avoid linear assemblies and use an irregular design to create a perfect composition. This will give you a modern design.

For a trendy wall decoration, paintings are the key elements

The year 2021 opens the door to certain decorative objects that will not leave the scene in 2022. Decorative paintings are among the essential pieces of the year.

Fashionable Chalkboards

Decorative paintings are simple and effective. These decorative accessories can be displayed in any interior, regardless of style, whether hung in the living room or transformed into a picture and placed on the floor.

The taste of each painting will determine the choice. It is the physical expression of our emotions, our moods and our personality. If you want to decorate a trendy wall, turn to trendy paintings.

Scandinavian painting is still very popular. However, modern relief painting, painting with poetic appeal and multicolored illustrations or canvases are of great interest.

Prices for decorative paintings can range from very affordable to very high. You can always get a high-quality poster on the Internet, or in stores specializing in wall decoration.

Fashion boards are the playthings of fashion victims

The fashion paintings depict the symbols of high fashion icons and are particularly popular with home fashionistas.

Prada These visuals highlight luxury brands, elegant women, or an image that perfumes the house with a feeling of luxury. Fashion boards can also feature quotes from some of fashion's most influential designers, based on their inspirations.