A kitchen painting for an often forgotten decor

Modern, XXL or vintage, the decorative canvas adapts to all atmospheres. With it, add glamor and realism to your interiors. If you have chosen this section dedicated to the kitchen, it is because you are probably alone and this place represents an important and special room. Otherwise, your kitchen may lack glamor and you are looking for a new decorative element to give it character! Either way, you've come to the right place, because in this gallery kitchen table, we offer you a selection of gourmet decorative tables that will make your mouth water!

Did you know that the kitchen is one of the French's favorite rooms? This is no surprise since we eat there so often, so enjoy it without time passing. Modern kitchens now want to open onto the living room, all the more reason not to neglect their decor and put a kitchen board on their wall!

If your decor seems too bland, use the kitchen frame to paint some color on the walls. The absolutely modern art deco canvas is the ideal product to enhance the atmosphere. Our collection is open to all the daring because it offers a very different style to your kitchen. montabledeco designs the kitchen decoration.

We don't play with food, we all know that... but (fortunately) the graphic designers at montabledeco are not very obedient, and they push the limits of good living with combinations of food and utensils of the kitchen. Pop and tangy colors for maximum pleasure for our gourmands. We spend more and more time cooking and entertaining in the kitchen, now modern and open to the living room.

What are the secrets of the collection dedicated to kitchen wall decoration?

We know that there are many styles of kitchen paintings in our digital art gallery. You'll find a modern coffee frame and a still life painting that depicts vegetables like asparagus or cabbage in an inanimate setting. You will also find fruit paintings, flowers and a canvas art created by one of our many artists. This piece has the advantage of being able to use color sparingly. A small multi-colored canvas made especially for the kitchen can be placed in this space. This room is generally equipped with wooden furniture to store our dishes and utensils, unlike other rooms in our interior such as the living room or bedroom. This room has narrow walls. To better meet your expectations, we have designed this collection with decorative paintings in portrait format.