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Harry Potter Book Collectio... from 29,90€
Harry Pother Book Collection Painting You intend to decorate your home and give it a vintage and mysterious decorative touch. We can guide you in your choice thanks to this set of paintings that takes us into the world of Harry Potter. These canvases make us think of a book cover. Whether your interior decoration is vintage or modern, these fabrics will blend in perfectly with the existing decor. The Harry Potter painting: a touch of magic. These paintings will delight fans of this magician who affects all generations. Indeed, everyone knows the story of this little boy who can be followed in a series of books throughout his 7 years of school with adventures that make him a hero, hero of these books as well as films. who were taken from it. Young and old have already read and enjoyed the books of J. K. Rowling. Here these magnificent paintings are allusions to the books of this exceptional author. How to showcase your Harry Potter painting? Within a room of vintage decoration, this set of canvases will find its place, they will come to give your room all the delicacy of literature. In a rather modern room, they will create a most surprising contrast. So whether in the living room or a bedroom, your decoration will be magical.
Painting One Piece Monkey D... from 29,90€
A One Piece Painting in your home! In the manga collection, the famous series One Piece is part of the cult series of Japanese anims. Of all the fictional pirates, the young Monkey D Luffy is undoubtedly the most endearing. How not to be touched by this young man full of courage and with a big heart, who embarks on the quest for a legendary treasure surrounded by his friends? If you are one of the fans of the Straw Hat Pirate, this superb One Piece Luffy painting is for you! This Manga painting puts our hero in the spotlight on your wall. The painting represents the bust of Luffy wearing his famous hat, folded over his face with elegance. His half-open jacket reveals the legendary scar he bears on his chest. To play on the contrasts, Luffy is represented in black and white, only his hat is colored. In the background, a plume of smoke reveals key elements of the series' universe, such as the famous flag of his boat. This One Piece Painting will easily find its place in the bedroom of all manga enthusiasts, as well as in a living room. The wider the wall, the better the rendering. Don't wait any longer and proudly display your passion with this board of choice!
Table Bart Simpson Louis Vu... from 29,90€
Bart Simpson Louis Vuitton Painting
Manga Table Goku Luffy Naru... from 24,90€
Goku Luffy Naruto Manga Painting The Manga Table in 3 parts brings together San Goku Luffy and Naruto ideal for all fans a gift to make or to make for an original wall decoration. If you're a fan of manga, this set of original paintings is sure to seduce you! Our Goku Luffy Naruto manga painting pays tribute to three of the most famous series of the genre: Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto Shippûden through their heroes. The first canvas represents the silhouette of Naruto tying his ninja headband with the image of the village of Konoha, in light gray on a black background. On the belly of the young hero spreads the threatening silhouette of the fearsome Kyubi, the 9-tailed fox demon from which he draws all his power. The second canvas is dedicated to Son Goku. The silhouette of the famous space warrior, in light gray on a black background, faces the observer. On his stomach, we can see the black silhouette of a young Goku in a combat position near his mentor's house. The third web puts Monkey D Luffy in the spotlight. The silhouette of the pirate in the straw hat stands out in light gray on a black background. His ship's flag adorns his chest. On his belly, we can see the famous scene during which Shanks the redhead offers the young boy his straw hat. This collection is the essential gift for all fans of the series!
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