Mountain wall art: How to use it

Looking to change the feel of your home and go rustic? Do you want to create a mountain wall decor but you are not sure how to go about it? We are passionate about interior design, and we would like to share with you some ideas to recreate the mountain chalet atmosphere in your home.

There are many ways to decorate a mountain wall at home .
Today we are going to focus exclusively on the most requested styles. In this article, we will show you how to:

  • With paintings you can recreate a mountain atmosphere inside your home.
  • You can transform your whole house by adding a little paint and a little creativity.
  • With the right accessories, you can create an alpine chalet look.

We encourage you to read the entire article, so you don't miss the most important ideas of the moment.

I) Some paintings to embellish everything

Pretty paintings are a great way to decorate your walls and instantly project a mountain lodge vibe. There are options for all budgets and tastes.

1) Wall decoration with animal paintings

Large wildlife found at higher elevations includes deer, wolves and doe. They are therefore the most popular animals in the cabins, whether as trophies, photos or paintings.

You can also choose high definition framed photos of deer in the wild (meadow, forest hardwoods). This image has very little effect because the deer is a highly symbolic animal in some cultures.

American Indians consider the deer to be a symbol of independence, strength and power. He is also a symbol of spiritual superiority in Chinese mythology.

These paintings will brighten up any room and bring color and freshness to the walls. You should choose a best quality frame for the animal you love.

Wolf canvas print is also available. This will allow you to feel as if you were in the mountains. This painting can be hung anywhere in your home.

It looks even more elegant when placed against a white brick wall or over a fireplace.

If you like mountain fauna, you can also consider other animal paintings (cats and dogs, gorillas, lions, butterflies, monkeys, tigers). Each painting can be used to create a unique atmosphere in every room.

  • 2) Tables of landscapes to replace the view

With just a few easy and inexpensive tricks, you can make your guests feel like they're on a mountain adventure. Landscape paintings are a great alternative to wallpaper and murals.

You can decorate your home with "landscape" themed canvas prints if you don't have a view panoramic view of the Alps and the Pyrenees. There are many paintings that feature images of nature and travel. These paintings can be very useful if your goal is to decorate your home.

You can use photos of the mountain to create a chalet atmosphere. These photos could include photos of green and leafy forests, natural landscapes, or photos of lakes or snow-capped peaks. You can also choose paintings with photos from the end of the world to make your guests' dreams come true: a printed canvas representing the Himalayas at sunset, Mount Everest in the fog or the snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

It's a great way to fill the gap between your windows These canvases will make it easy to forget about the urbanization beyond your windows.

  • 3) Personalized tables for a unique identity

Prefer to adjust the dimensions of your painting to fit the wall? Or do you prefer to choose the colors of your table according to the rest of your furniture? Few artists can offer their clients paintings that are exactly what they want.

Montableaudeco offers custom paint options for any project. You can print the image of your choice from a digital photograph according to your dimensions. You can choose an image that depicts a tree house or an image that brings back childhood memories of winter vacations.

You can choose the orientation, dominant color and style of the image. 'image. You can count on experts in the field to help you choose a decoration that will transform a space and give it a unique identity. Your personal painting allows you to change the colors of your interior by adding small touches. Modern walls will allow you to create the chalet or log cabin atmosphere you desire.

Also know that we have just released a new line of vintage paintings. It's a unique and original way to decorate your home.

  • II) Choose a chalet/mountain lodge style

It's not difficult to adopt a mountain chalet design. Sometimes all it takes is tweaking a few details or using sham tricks to get great results. This is what we recommend by choosing the right materials and using the best techniques.

  • 1) The contrast between wood and natural stone

You can create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your home with the right materials. You can think about adding more wood to your home, from the ceiling to the furniture to the paneling. This 100% mountain decor is an excellent insulator. Wood is a great partner for adding warmth to your home in small touches.

A large stone floor can also give your entryway a raw look. This combination of noble materials makes it an excellent choice for this type of decoration. The soft and soothing nature of wood balances the hard and rough sides of natural stone.

  • 2) Create the wood/stone effect with paint

If you don't have the budget for natural stone and wood solutions, consider cheaper but equally effective options. You can achieve the desired effect with wood effect or stone effect wall paint. You can achieve the desired effect by changing the finishes of the wall paint.

There are many synthetic materials that can replicate the grain of wood and stone perfectly, such as vinyl . These materials are flexible, easy to install and affordable, making them a great partner in your decorating renovation project.

  • III) Complementary accessories to accompany a mountain wall decoration

Accessory and decorative objects are essential to complete an interior in a mountain chalet setting. You can quickly find articles that fit your topic by browsing through magazines. The perfect interior decoration.

  • 1) Natural Style Shade

Winter in mountainous regions is short and dark.Wooden cabins are only dimly lit by natural light, and only for a short time It is important to create a calm atmosphere in your home in order to recreate the same mood.

You can achieve this by choosing minimalist lighting and lamps with a modern design in natural fibres. You have the choice between retro or vintage lamps, table lamps or pendant lamps, rope or bamboo lamps, and lamps with or without lampshades. They can be used inside or outside your home.

  • 2) Mountain equipment

If it is possible to present some small details that recall the mountain, you can also push the concept beyond its limits. You can replace the equipment with one more in keeping with the theme without compromising performance.

You should choose a heater that resembles the old wood stoves or oil stoves used in the cabins of trappers and loggers. To serve as an auxiliary heater, it is best to place the heater in the middle of your living room.

  • 3) Natural wood furniture

Large solid wood chests can be used as storage at the entrance. Natural wood furniture can be installed in bedrooms and living rooms to conserve heat. These pieces of furniture can be tables, chairs or coat racks.

To give the illusion of being in a lumberjack's workshop, highlight furniture made of pine, poplar, cedar or beech. You can customize the templates to decorate your home as you like. This guide will help you paint wooden furniture.

  • 4) Cushions and faux fur rugs

It's about creating a cozy atmosphere in your home. Your hideout should be a warm, inviting place where you can stay warm in the winter. To achieve this effect, you should choose soft and warm colors, as well as durable materials.

The rug is the perfect accessory to create a mountaintop chalet atmosphere in your decor. You can layer a variety of antique or modern, natural or shag rugs to suit your personal taste.

Faux fur throw pillows can serve as accents to a mountain lodge decor. You can choose between faux fur pillows, faux sheepskin pillows, faux bear pillows, extra soft wool-look pillows or long faux fur pillows.
Mix faux fur cushions with printed cushions to add style. To maintain style consistency, you can order prints with specific images.

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate your mountain walls at home. Sometimes all it takes is a few photos and a bit of creativity to make a difference. You can add a few mountain-related accessories to give your mountain adventures a whole new dimension.

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