Decorating your home, office or bedroom is giving ita personality, a projection of who you are. The atmosphere created by the room will contribute to your well-being, so it is important to devote time to it so that you ultimately feel comfortable there andwelcome your guests in a place that suits you. looks like.

Decoration paintings can easily help you with this objective, by dressing an area that only they can furnish, halfway up your walls. Thus a white, soulless wall, decorated with a simple decorative painting, will immediately become a space which expresses itself, which provokes an emotion, which one can contemplate and which sometimes will make people talk.

The 3 rules to follow to properly arrange your table:

  1. The size of the array
  2. Colors
  3. Layout
  1. The size of the decorative painting

So before any purchase, you will have to determine the future location of your work, which will allow you to deduce the size of the painting to choose. You will have to center it well, so as not to create a strange imbalance in the room of your house.

Avoid placing a small painting on an oversized wall or vice versa.
If you choose a large painting, and you place it on an open wall, it will become the attraction of the room, it will absorb all eyes.
For height, the board should be placed at eye level.

It's all about balance and finesse.


You have to make sure that your canvas matches your furniture, your decoration already present or your other decorative paintings.

The colors must harmonize with the rest of the decor, so that everything is consistent and respects a certain logic.

For a very refined and sober interior, play on the contrasts with bright and vibrant colors, for example a painting in red hues stands out particularly well on a gray wall.

If, on the other hand, your living room or living room is already very colorful, a monochrome painting may be welcome.

For rooms like the bedroom, softer shades are more appropriate.

  1. The table layout

Regardless of the type of arrangement chosen, the assembly must always be centered in relation to its surroundings.

The different types of layout:

  • 1 wall / 1 painting: Decorate your wall with a single large decorative painting, around which the decoration will fit. For a large space, a large painting will be suitable, which will give character to the room, placed strategically it will have a very strong visual impact, it will make the attraction of the room.

  • A picture wall: very common in Anglo-Saxon countries, it is less popular here. This type of layout consists of loading an entire wall with a multitude of paintings in all sizes and styles. For a smaller space, a small painting will be perfect, with a central location in the room it will have an equally big impact.
  • Triptych, quadriptych, or other combination of geometric paintings, will bring touches of poetry to your wall and give a dynamic to the room. For a very ordered interior, a little asymmetry can bring a certain fantasy and freshness.
  • The "straight line" array: This involves placing arrays along a horizontal or vertical straight line.This makes it possible to dress a very long wall, a hallway...

  • Paintings of the same style in different rooms: A reminder in each room on the same subject to tell a story through these paintings, to make people feel an emotion...

It's up to you to choose and arrange your paintings according to your tastes and convictions, and decoration!