You want to please your child or yourself so you have decided to rearrange his room. Decorating a teenager's room is not easy if you don't understand Japanese anime codes. Posters and stickers that are hung in children's rooms are often the same so they don't surprise anyone. The painting manga are perfect decorative objects to bring color and style to your child's cozy nest.

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How to create a geeky environment at home?


Adolescence is a time of life when tastes can change quickly. Before you rush to give a gift to your teenager, take the time to find out which Japanese animations he likes. A manga canvas brings a touch of class to any interior, whether it's graffiti, posters or wall stickers. Canvas prints are the latest in contemporary art, with everything from princesses living among wolves to galactic warriors to pirates wishing for freedom.

These manga paintings, hung on the wall and raised above the youngster's or girl's workspace, will inspire them to do their homework well. A wall frame with natural materials is the best choice for small rooms. The canvas figures will be framed by bedside tables so that the teenager can sleep well.


Feng Shui dictates that the colors and shades used in a bedroom should reflect the personality of the child. A wall decorated with a soft color or simple wallpaper can be a good choice for an adult bedroom. However, for a teenager's bedroom, you will need bright and colorful decoration ideas.

The teenage super fighter image is inspired by Dragon Ball Z. It will bring bright colors to his living space. You can see her stunning bedroom and appreciate the flashy makeover of her teenage room decoration.

Unisex style to decorate the walls of children's rooms

It's not about choosing the decoration of your baby's room, but that of your teenager. The world of manga has something for everyone, whether it's a zen boy's room decoration, or a more feminine atmosphere for girls.

  • Bedroom decorations for 14 year old boys:Bedroom decorations for 14 year old boys are often minimalist or neutral. Our manga paintings will create a relaxation corner that is both masculine and soothing. The young man will be able to see his teenage room take on the air of a New York loft while walking on the carpet and contemplating the paintings of the artist montableaudeco

  • For girls: If our former princesses dream of adventure and heroism as teenagers, the colors in a 16-year-old girl's room should create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Romantic and beautiful Japanese anime paintings are perfect for decorating a teenage girl's room. They will go well with dressing tables.

Ideas for decorating a teenage girl's room with flashy accessories.

Some people are good at collecting decorative items. Others prefer (do it yourself). In the world of manga, there are many ways to do it yourself.

  • furniture - if you like Japanese animation, it can be difficult to find a piece of furniture or a stool that suits you These collections are sometimes too large, so it is worth looking for furniture that you can customize (shelf or desk lamp, drawers, etc.). to store the last figurine or soft toys purchased, or to provide adequate storage.
  • Textiles There are many decoration blogs that offer fun ideas for transforming your interior. You can keep the retro style of his passion by adding duvet covers, sheets or cushions.
  • Posters: If your self-adhesive posters lack character, you can add an aluminum frame to give them personality or a plexiglass to preserve the geometric shapes in your modern room.

This article will help you identify the needs and desires of your child to create the decoration of his teenage room. The printed canvas will coordinate with the decorative elements of the child's room. You can charge your energy, take a trip to another dimension, and then give your child the animated paintings.