A Custom Table why?

A custom array can be more than just an array. You can personalize your table with a photo or the dates of birth and first names of your family members.

We will explain in this article why it is important for you to have a personalized table. So stay tuned!

Everyone is entitled to a personalized board

You can make your personalized painting for any reason, whether you are passionate about decorating or want to show your family, pets or spouse how much you care for them.

The personalized painting: A way to show your originality

Your own personalized canvas can be hung on a wall to express your unique and warm sense of decoration.

In our time, decoration is essential for a comfortable interior. Most people find the same pattern of paintings, frames and canvases in their home: they are monotonous and common.

Our personalized paintings will help you break this monotonous side.

The personalized painting: A way to ink a moment

You can immortalize a warm memory by creating a personalized board with your photo. Your personalized painting will be a source of reconciliation, whether with your partner, your family or your pets.

People who have personalized their painting at Montableaudeco often tell us that these are the things they have immortalized the most in their canvas:

  • A photo of a drawing made by one of their children
  • The photo of a wedding
  • A photo of the birth of a baby
  • A photo of a vacation memory
  • A couple photo

The personalized painting: A more modern decoration

A custom painting can give your home a modern look. Some people choose to decorate their homes using custom paintings. We can confirm that it is very pretty. You can also combine your existing decorative elements (frames and traditional paintings) with personalized paintings.

It's easy to order a custom painting

It's an easy task for those who don't have the skills to be designers or painters. It's easy to add photos, birthdates and first names to your canvas.

In fact, you can turn your imagination into a reality with just a few clicks. Take, for example, creating a welcome sign for your door frame. You can get the results you want by entering information and preferences into our system. It's quick and easy.

The Custom Board: A Live Render

Montableaudeco allows you to see the final result of your personalized panel in real time thanks to our technology.

Montableaudeco was the first company to offer this service. It was born from the desire for a better user experience.

This unique experience will help you make the right decision regarding the personalized painting(s), which you will hang on your wall.

The perfect gift: personalized art

People who have purchased a personalized painting say it is one of the most appreciated gifts they can give. We are able to confirm these comments.

It can be difficult to find gifts for your loved ones when you are invited to their event. This is the perfect time to get a custom canvas print.

A canvas is the best way for you to bring your memories to life, except for a photo of you with your loved one. The perfect gift:

  • For girls or boys
  • A young couple or couples who have been married for many years.
  • For nature lovers and tourists
  • For friends
  • For each member of the family.
  • For your pet (cat, dog).

Unparalleled value for money

Montableaudeco understands how much your loved ones will love our paintings and consider them a must-have item. We have strived to make our boards more affordable than the competition. This will allow as many people as possible to purchase a custom board without paying a high price.

The quality of the canvas

Our custom paintings are of unique quality. They are made of high quality material that can withstand the elements for many years without deteriorating. Why ? It is UV resistant and does not contain solvents, which allows it to last a long time.

The frame

Our special wood (spruce), allows your painting to resist time. Why do we use spruce? Spruce is a natural wood that protects the frame from termites.

Montableaudeco offers a high quality product at a very reasonable price. That's our policy, and it won't change.


We hope this article has been useful to you and that you can order your personalized painting now!