Are you planning to change the decoration of your house, your apartment, your chalet? But you don't know how to go about it? Don't worry, we've prepared a complete guide to using pop'art style decoration.

Oh, new to this? Do not worry, we will help you understand everything about this decorative style which is developing day by day, and seduces many citizens, both French and foreign. Are you ready ? So here we go!

First, let me define what pop art really is. By definition, pop'art is an artistic movement that was born in the 1950s. It is one of the main movements of the 20th century, and comes to break with the old tradition because it is characterized through themes as well as techniques that are drawn from popular mass culture. Thus are put forward advertising, but also comic strips or worldly cultural objects. Artists will therefore tend to tell you that pop art is "widely interpreted as a reaction to the dominant ideas of abstract expressionism".

Indeed, like pop music, pop art uses popular images, and thus opposes the elitist culture in art.

Now that you know what you're up to, we can start our guide!

Do you want to redecorate your interior with new art? Do you think pop art is conducive to this change?

To make perfect use of this new decoration model, you will need to choose paintings, or even layouts that use contrasts between colors. Therefore, favor a painting mixing red, orange, green or brown. Of course, you can naturally opt for a red board and another green one, which you will place next to the first one.

The goal is to use bright colors that are out of step with reality. Indeed, mixtures of these colors should catch your eye, and not blend in, like most wall decorations still used today.

Also favor, within your paintings for example, elementary geometries, or even a lot of whimsical patterns. The goal will then be to add a more watered down, colorful, childish touch, given that pop'art is still a rather uninhibited and humorous style of decoration. Remember that what is important are the games of colors, shapes and moods.

As far as your paintings are concerned, it will probably be necessary to invest in a collage of synthetic, shiny materials, such as plexiglass or resin. Then, curtains made of glass beads or plastic can largely do the trick to accompany the whole thing. Further favor multicolored, whimsical chandeliers. In addition, it may be useful to buy carpets, as well as carpets in fluorescent colors, and of course, to decorate the whole, you can naturally acquire vinyls, Juke Boxes, or even disco balls, to fanciest of you!

To properly create your pop'art decoration, you will have to stay on a base of white walls, and have your portrait painted in the style of a pop'art painting, which can be done via the internet, and use designer chairs, such as Knoll or Panton for example.

Finally, we can say that it is very easy to make the pop'art decoration of your interior yourself, all you need is a little bit of imagination and you're good to go!

May 25, 2022