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Invite your walls on a journey with an Africa painting!

In our “Africa” collection, our decoration managers have chosen a host of paintings intended for beauty lovers. Africa is far from being just desert plains. On the contrary, when you discover our paintings, you will be dazzled by the beauty and luxuriance of this theme.

With their expert eyes, our team has chosen works that address Africa in all its facets. An animal, a look or a civilization immediately takes on its most beautiful attributes.
Whatever your desire, a wild animal to stimulate your decoration or an ebony beauty to enhance the elegance of your interior, our collection of varied canvases knows how to meet your request.
For the most demanding, some of our canvases are made up of several paintings. These can be placed adjacently to create a real fresco or individually to embellish several sections of walls.
Created and manufactured with a genuine concern for quality, the works selected by our experts are delivered to you ready to be installed.

Inspiring and original Africa decoration painting

Do you want to discover new horizons, to lift the veil on a distant culture? To see the beauty of the lands of the sun and the awakening of nature?

Our works offer an astonishing point of view in the heart of your living room. From our wild animals to replicas of ancient Egypt and ebony beauties, all these original canvases bring new life to your interior.

In terms of landscapes, Africa is full of a colorful and rich treasure that is not up for debate. From its fauna to its flora, this continent is home to many wonders capable of attracting the attention of others and making you dream. If you are thinking of decorating your home, why not let yourself be seduced by an African painting? Monpainting gives you the many reasons why you should consider this option, and even offers its African paintings to help you get there.

What is the best way to choose the right African painting to decorate your designer home?

Choosing the right African painting is above all a question of taste and preference. This is your home space, therefore, your satisfaction with your life is the metric by which you can make your choice of artwork. The first step in making your decision is to choose the African painting that you want to have as interior decoration.

Do you want a personalized interior based on the colors of different African wildlife animals? If so, you will find in our catalog a myriad of options to choose from. Our paintings represent animals such as lions, elephants, and many other species that highlight the African continent. You should also choose a painting based on the space in your home in which you want to accommodate this painting. For example, a photo of an animal like a buffalo or leopard is a great choice for decorating a space like the dining room or living room.

To decorate your rest space, you should choose images that show the splendor of the African landscape. It could be a photo of a savannah or even a forest, but it's best to choose one that inspires peace. In fact, it has been shown that it is easier to achieve the state of relaxation and peace by contemplating the beauty of nature behind an African painting and contemplating the treasures it contains.

Once you have chosen the work of art you want to hang in your home, all you have to do is choose the size (large or small) you want. We will print the chart in the size you prefer.

What does African decor symbolize?

An African decor can represent various aspects of the African continent. Apart from landscapes and wildlife, some paintings are a representation of the life of an ethnic group or culture. Some paintings depict a person who shaped the continent through their courage. Whatever they are, African paintings allow us to show the warm and welcoming spirit that prevails on the continent. They also represent the richness and character that make Africa unique.

This is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing your paintings, as you can choose a painting based on the mood or feeling you want it to convey. For example, if you want to place a piece of art in your home that inspires courage and confidence, you might choose the image of the lion. This is the initial symbol for this character type.

The African canvas can also be a representation of many other aspects, as messages are sent through the painting canvas. They can talk about the religious, political or economic development of Africa. If you contact us about purchasing an African canvas, we will ask you what symbolism you would like your artwork to express. We will then offer you alternative tables that could meet your requirements.

In which room(s) could we hang the African painting?

Every room in your house can accommodate an African painting, from the living room to the kitchen and even the bedroom. You just need to follow certain rules when it comes to arranging it to ensure harmony in the decor of your home. First of all, there are guidelines regarding the layout of colors in the spaces of an apartment.

If you are looking to select an African painting for a living space like the dining room, it is best to choose warm colors like yellow and orange. This will allow you to add more life to the room. You will thus be able to enjoy more pleasant moments with your guests as well as with your family. On the other hand, for a space like the bedroom, the best colors are those that relax like sky blue, white or green. These colors can give the room a sense of peace and create a great place to relax.

When it's time to decorate your home with African paintings, our experts will help you select the paintings but also decide which one is right for the space. At montabledeco, we put at your disposal our knowledge and the experience that we have acquired over time to ensure the realization of your decoration project with African paintings.

Can we install an African painting in a child's bedroom?

A child's bedroom is his home because it is the place where he carries out all his activities. He works, plays or rests, and sometimes even retreats to the bedroom when he needs to be quiet. Therefore, the space must be designed with special care so that he feels comfortable in his home. In our catalog you will find different models of African paintings that fit perfectly into the decoration of the room.

To decorate the child's room, it is essential to choose images that the child can easily identify or that will stimulate his imagination and help him think about dreams. The decor must therefore be attractive and allow for reflection. For example, you can choose an image that illustrates an African landscape with its particularities and variety of colors.

You can also choose to paint the illustration of an animal such as an elephant, a gazelle or any other animal in which you are sure you have a particular interest. To ensure that he will enjoy the drawing, it is suggested to include it in the design of the artwork. This will also help you understand his preferences and character in light of the choices he has made. On monpaindeco, you can find the perfect African painting to make your home more beautiful.