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Abstract Painting and Shimmering Colors

We bring a kaleidoscope to your living room with our colorful, captivating and bewitching creations on large format canvases with professional print quality. These abstract works will undoubtedly find their rightful place in your interior. They will generate a renewed dynamism and good humor in the sad life of gray cities.

The collection of abstract paintings rigorously selected by professionals is above all intended for color lovers. Take it out of your mind that abstract art has no soul! When you gaze captivated by our paintings, you will feel deep emotions.

Indeed, with their artistic sensitivity, our specialists have chosen abstract canvases with a powerful soul. They transform random shapes and dazzling colors into a palette of feelings and emotions. This breath of life is crucial for all current decorations.

For the most addicted, some of the paintings have absolutely intriguing colors, allowing you to give free rein to your interpretation and your emotions.

Dare to install a rainbow with an abstract painting that will brighten up your life.

Let yourself be carried away by the emotions and feelings that colors offer us. Rediscover the joy of childhood and the joys of the greatest beauties of nature with colorful paintings.

Abstract art is a pictorial movement that appeared in the 20th century. It is a complete break with concrete representations of reality and offers a new impetus to the world of painting. Vasily Kandinsky made his debut with a watercolor composed only of solid colors, lines, and today it is widely used in the domestic world.
What is pictorial movement? How to integrate it into your interior decoration? To familiarize yourself with abstract art, here are some advice and a decryption.

What are the main principles of abstract art?

Abstract art, a major movement in 20th century art, was born in the 1910s. It was completely different from Western figurative painting that has characterized it since the Renaissance. He gave birth to a new vision. It was no longer a question of reinterpreting reality, but rather of allowing the artist to express his emotions. Abstraction is a movement that spans a century and brings together great names in painting such as Kandinsky, Kupka and Delaunay. With a variety of styles and backgrounds, painters also abandoned figuration and began to separate themselves from subject matter. The subject is at the center of the painting and gives it a narrative form.
It is not the objects depicted that are inspired by reality, but the interpretation of the inner world. Art is not an exact replica of reality. It offers new possibilities. The concrete and the recognizable give way to a more subjective vision, which is not based on any precept. It is a form of freedom born in contradiction with the representative values ​​of painting since its origin. Work can be done on shapes and features. It is an expressive form punctuated with various symbols. Abstract art has occupied a central place in the modern world since its inception.

How to interpret abstract art?

Abstract art is not like a painting that represents a landscape or a person, but it is still identifiable. It is unique because of its subjectivity.Vassily Kandinsky, its Russian founder, perfectly stated that "the artist" is the hand which, when used correctly, sets the human soul in vibration
A work exists by itself. Abstract painting is neither narrative nor figurative. It reveals, but gives no key to interpretation. Everyone can associate the feelings they want with it. He can play on the line and the shapes. The colors are open to the imagination. Abstraction offers a vision that is more intimate, original, and out of step with the real world. An abstract painting, unlike traditional art which imitates nature, opens up a world of unconscious but also personal representations. This allows for many interpretations. It is important to feel and let go of the emotions that abstract works can stimulate. One can access the essence of the painting by simply sitting in front of it and letting the emotions it arouses flow without trying to suppress them. An abstract painting can often be used to spark debate. It is likely that the comments mingle during a meal. Everyone will give their opinion based on their experience and feelings.

How to choose an abstract painting for your interior decoration?

There are several types of purchases. It is better to place the purchase in the main room of the living room if it is a love purchase. It's important to make the most of what you have. It is important to ensure that it is in harmony with the rest of the room. You can also think about buying. It's all about choosing a canvas that matches the rest of your room. When choosing an abstract canvas, there are two important factors to consider. First, it must match the style or color of the interior. The masterpiece should be in harmony with the interior decoration. It must also bring a touch of originality. You must take into account the furniture and the dominant colors so as not to make mistakes. For example, a light canvas will appear more sublimated on a darker wall. It can also work the other way around. The colors will dictate the rhythm. The canvas should be the extra touch that will energize the whole and make it special. It is also important to know the format. A large format can adapt to a large space and give it depth. For accumulations, small formats will be more appropriate. They can, like the small collections, be combined, matched and punctuated. Let your emotions run free. This model is a good example of abstract art. Playing with colors, creating style, and personalizing your interior with an original and modern touch.

In which room can an abstract painting be placed?

A room can be energized by an abstract painting. This piece is a major asset in interior decoration. It sublimates and reveals its offbeat side and its unique back. This piece is a great choice for a neutral decor. An abstract painting brings rhythm and dynamism to a room that lacks energy by playing with lines, colors and shapes. Although the living room is usually the best place for abstract works, it should not be limited to it. They make the space livelier and set the tone. If chosen with an impact effect, any room can be imbued with modern and original touches. An abstract piece of art can be used in any room in the house, whether graphic, cubist, surreal or geometric.The main thing is to take into account the space, the luminosity and the general atmosphere Above all, abstract art appeals to the emotions and the senses. An abstract painting brings a touch of modernity to the interior by playing on contrasts and making it more lively.

You have to be attentive to your emotions and your senses to choose an abstract painting. It should evoke feelings and resonate with you. Its meaning is intimate and profound. It allows you to escape from the real world and leave room for imagination or fantasy.