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Custom Name Board or the perfect gift

Our team has selected for you a complete range of Personalized Name Boards intended to let your imagination flourish. When you have discovered the plethora of fabrics available to you, you will immediately find the one that suits your interior.

With its know-how, our team has decided to offer you multiple supports so that you can apply your own recipe to transform a banal image into an essential decorative element for your interior.

A personalized name board for families or children!

Whatever your temptation, a sober image for a classic decoration or an avalanche of colors for a psychedelic interior, the multitude of ready-to-use canvases selected by our team will allow you to create the picture of your dreams. For the most demanding, some of the tables are available in several parts. You can thus choose to create a major work or several small assorted paintings.

Want to give free rein to your imagination or express your wildest dreams? Let the artist express himself and taste the joys of creation. We allow you to unleash your full potential thanks to large format canvases which will obviously find their rightful place in your interior. They will breathe a part of your soul and your heart into your wall decoration.
Let your heart speak and your mind wander with a painting that reflects your personality. Rediscover the pleasure of childhood by giving free rein to your desires for shapes and colors. Completely reinvent your interior!

Decorate your interior with a unique personalized painting!

The charm of the rooms in your home lies in the ornamentation and decoration of the walls. A singular decoration of your living room or your bedroom plunges you into a universe that must be modern, warm and friendly at the same time. You have just moved in and you want a unique decoration in your image? Then our Custom Tables are the answer to this need. Our team works hard every day to prepare a decorative element that will embellish your home for sure!

Wanting to stand out from a basic decoration should be a springboard for opting for customizable and original paintings with your photos, first names and much more. You will therefore have understood it, with Montableaudeco you will have the opportunity to have wall paintings bearing your image or those of your loved ones: which makes it a real criterion of choice. A work in your image that will perfectly adorn the privacy of your room!

Patterns with character that suits you!

Having a personalized painting means taking the initiative to add a delicate touch to the atmosphere you want to give to your rooms. They are true decorative items! Indeed, much more attractive than a simple wall painting, a customizable painting will be the centerpiece of your interior decoration by its undeniable originality. Imagined according to your inspiration and mood of the moment, you will have the chance to have that little something more than others will not have! So, what are you waiting for to treat yourself (or your loved ones) to a personalized painting?