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Street Art painting the urban at home

In our series of Street Art paintings (also called "street art" or "urban art" in French), we provide you with all the forms of art created in the street or in public spaces. Street art is a contemporary artistic style that is part of the expression and dissemination of messages in a public space. It offers the possibility of learning about current events and acquiring historical information without going to a museum. It is no longer a matter of youth as some said, it has become an essential that urban art cannot do without. Street Art is particular, direct, it does not consider any subject as “taboo”. It has small and large formats: this is the main source of attraction for amateurs.

A trendy and colorful decoration

The majority of Street Art artists prefer to blend in and enjoy their works as ordinary spectators. Like the man who is born dust and returns to dust, this art was born in the street and also returns there. The importance of this art form is particularly observed during periods of confinement such as that linked to the coronavirus. Our collection of Street Art is not only about intricate works, but also about subtle messages and detailed creations. Street Art and Pop Art are very similar when it comes to communication strategy. Joseph Beuys has a very broad vision about art, and all those who are like him will be able to discover the many facets of street art. Our present times raise complex questions in various fields (advertising on billboards, tuned cars and the cityscape, crowds of revelers and culture), but we can only settle for the sometimes abstract answers we proposes art.

If you know everyday art, know that Street Art is similar to it, there is almost no difference. Everyone can have multiple impressions about Street Art, but it is important to note that it is not only a form of expression, it is also a way of life that can inspire reflection. We consider it colorful and fantastic ideas that are worth watching. One of the particularities of street art is its ephemeral nature. Indeed, although we are most often captivated by the play of colors, it privileges the message and the feeling over anything else. Artists must respond to the attitude of their viewers towards their works. They will do this if they constantly update themselves and speak the language of their viewers.

Urban decoration at home

Visual language is the only way to judge whether something is beautiful or unsightly. Modern visual language has long taken the lead in classifying beauty. Sensuality and lust have also taken their place. A lot of renowned artists find themselves in this field of creation, in particular the British artist Banksy. The latter often prefers to hide his identity, he leaves his works of art on the walls and facades in silence in just a few hours, and in the absence of the public. He is likely to travel the world with a fast and well-rehearsed team. The Portuguese artist Vhils, on the contrary, works openly and allows himself to be discovered. With a hammer and a chisel, he gives his works a structure in relief. Much more, he gives some of his works a lasting impression by detonating small explosive devices.

The Street Art paintings of street artists are not always closely related to walls and buildings, they retain in their works the feeling of everyday art, as well as the play of colors, the desire for expression and the dynamism often sought in art That said, they obviously have their place in our gallery. We can therefore reassure you of the diversity of Street Art paintings on Montableaudeco. Your taste is certainly there, whatever it is!