Street Art and Space Invaders

Do you want to know more about the "Space Invaders" street art movement? Are you curious to learn the secrets behind these extraordinary works of art?

We couldn't help but be mesmerized by the famous mosaic artist Invader. We have gathered all possible information about his iconic works, "Space Invaders", and we are going to share it with you.

Space invaders is a series of street art made in mosaic. It is often found on the streets of Paris, but it can also be found in other cities around the world. This article will tell you about:

  • The mystery surrounding the birth of this movement in street art.
  • The "Space Invader" is a unique and very artistic creation.
  • The history of the mosaic and the support for the "Space Invader".
  • Finally, the various works of the "Space invaders", which have become cult.

After reading this, you will be able to better understand the world created by the Space Invader. You will be able to understand the messages he intends to convey through his works. Let's get started without further ado:

I) Space Invader, la naissance du Street Art

Street art is a very important part of our daily life today. You can see stencils everywhere you go. Street art began as graffiti in the 1960s in Philadelphia. To win the love of his heart, a person wrote his name on various streets of the city. It was an impressive practice that other locals later adopted. This practice spread to other states, such as New York, and then to the whole world.

Street art was modernized towards the end of the 1990s. Today, we are faced with a reformation of the concept. It was not only an art form, but also a tool for activism and the fight against injustice. We also see new artists, such as Invader.

Invader is a French artist/mosaist. Invader's first work, which he called "leclaireur", was installed near the Bastille in 1996. It was a harmless alien. Two years later, he published the first "Space Invader". Audiences loved the first "Space Invader", which inspired them to create other shapes and connotations. Invader currently has more space invaders all over the world. Invader has become a leading figure in modern street art, alongside Banksy. His identity is still unknown.

II) Space Invader, a unique concept art

II) Space Invader, un concept artistique unique

Space Invader is such a successful original and unique art. This series of works is unlike any other street art. It's not a graffiti or a stencil, but a mosaic. That's right ! Invader's works are made of small squares that he transforms into characters. These tiles are then transformed into small creatures, which can include a computer virus, a dinosaur, and aliens. He will then be interested in animated films and video games. Among his greatest works are Invader Mario Bros and Invader Pan.

Invader's inspiration comes from the famous video game "Space Invanders", which was released in 1978 on a dart board. It was created by Taito in Japan and involves shooting small aliens with a laser cannon. The cannon must be moved horizontally on the screen. Points are earned each time the player shoots an alien. Since its release, this game has been a huge success. Invader was drawn to the connotations it gives off.Invader tends to tell a story where many aliens are invading all of space They are likely to land on the ground if not killed. Invader wants the title of this invader. However, he is not an invader of space (of the universe), but of public spaces. Although he has been able to infiltrate space by placing his works in space stations in recent years, he also wants to be that invader. His works can be found almost everywhere, in cemeteries, in the streets, etc. to show that the invader is everywhere, even if we don't always see it.

The invader's motivations are not limited to the expression of his talent. Space Invaders, as they are called, also deliver messages. Most of these works were placed in specific locations to mark protest or address injustices. This is the case, for example, of the one he placed on the Place de la Sorbonne in 2018 to commemorate the student protest movement that took place 50 years ago.

III) The Mosaic: Support for Space Invaders

II) Space Invader, un concept artistique unique

We now know that Invader's works are made with a mosaic support. What is this inspiration? Invader answers this question in an interview. He claims that computers have been democratized since the 1990s. This prompted his interest in the esthetics and design of pixelated images. He tried to create canvases to show these effects, but failed. He then had an idea. He created the mosaic. He used ceramic tiles and glued them together to create a mural. He then presented it in the streets of Paris.

Invader, unlike other artists who prefer to paint only in black and white, allows to use a lot of colors. They are not afraid to use different tile colors including red, yellow, green and even black and white. They are diverse in terms of the size and format of the paintings.

IV) Space invader, becoming the cult

Invader has many works, but there are some that stand out and have a great international reputation. These include: PA_689 and Space OS, Space One and Pirate Skull.

1) The PA_689

This work was first exhibited in Paris in 2006. It was displayed along the exterior of Place de Belleville. It represents the image of several characters from the famous game "Space invader ". It is made of ceramic tiles that have been mosaicked. It is set on a four panel acrylic base.

PA_689 is Invader's longest work. She disappeared a few months later. It was found on Place de Belleville near the metro, about twenty meters long, at the beginning of 2021. The background is green and the characters are drawn in white.

2) Space OS

The Space OS is a very special work. This is a representation of the computer image, which was greatly democratized in the 1990s. We then find on the table the main components of the device, namely the central unit and the screen. On the screen is displayed a representation of "Space Invaders". This representation can be viewed while strolling down Rue de Reuilly in Paris.

3) Space One

Invader also created the Space-One. This one, like the other Space Invaders, is the drawing of a video game extra. It was launched into the stratosphere on a weather balloon. The event took place in Miami, USA on August 20, 2012.Invader took a camera aboard the balloon to capture the moment The Space One was built with 14 tiles, each measuring 28cm long and 24cm wide.

We see four main colors in terms of colors: red, blue, yellow and black.

4) The pirate skull

Pirate Skull is named after the image of a pirate skull. It was made with embedded ceramic tiles. It is widely used to refer to piracy or hacking in the computer world. It can also be seen on many screen prints, including T-shirts and displays.

The Space Invaders, in short, are Dalinian figurines inspired by the video game of the same name. However, they have hidden messages and connotations. This article will give you information about the life of the invader and some of his impressive works. You will soon be able to decipher the history of his art and better appreciate it.

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