Today we are going to explore the life of a lion: the king of the jungle. Although he is feared by many, he is loved by children. Are we right to fear him?

We have all the answers to your questions about this magnificent wild cat, be it regal or charismatic.



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A lion's life begins with sexual reproduction, as with all mammals. The reproductive cycle of the lioness is irregular and lasts three to four days. During this period, the lioness mates with one of the lions approximately every 20 minutes. Researchers believe this frequency stimulates ovulation and allows the lion to have a father-child relationship. It takes approximately 108 days for a lioness to become pregnant. She usually gives birth to 2 or 3 young. The number of cubs in a litter can vary from 1 to 6.
Only lions in captivity can mate each year. Wild Lions can only mate once every two years, sometimes less.


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The lion cub is born from the belly of the lioness. He is completely blind and covered in thick fur, which fades with age. Mothers are the first to care for newborns. They protect them for about two years. This Cub method of deduction is not very wise. Lionesses can guard their cubs for several days, which is why the mortality rate is so high among cubs under the age of two.
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Wild lions reach sexual maturity between three and four years of age. Some lionesses stay in the troop, others have to find another one or become solitary. A pride is a “pack of lions within which the lion will live from hunting. At three years old, all lions must find a pride. seldom get the chance to mate. Others devote their efforts to the goal of one day starting a family. Mature lions can form alliances and work harder to achieve pride.

If successful, the new pride leader will kill all other lion cubs to allow mating with the lioness.
A lion kept in captivity can live up to 25 years, while a wild lion can only survive 10 years. Wild lions usually die from wounds inflicted by poachers or defense wounds inflicted by prey animals.


The Sahara Desert lies to the south of the region where lions are found, as well as northwest India. These large maned animals do not live in the forest. Instead, they live in the savannah. This is their hunting ground. They eat mammals such as gazelles, antelopes and zebras. Sometimes lions team up to capture larger mammals like buffaloes, giraffes and even crocodiles. Most hunts involve lions and they may even go after the same prey. The lions are responsible for scaring the animals and making it difficult for them to escape in a hunt with many.After capturing their prey, lions eat as much as they can and leave the rest to other animals. The lion, like a king maintains order and redistributes.
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Lions are kings not because they have power, but because they can hold the kingship. This fierce animal is not afraid of any other animal, but The Royal Lion has enemies.
If we had to choose an animal more worthy of the throne, it would be the lion.

The king wearing the crown relaxes with beautiful lionesses and eats while the rest of the lions hunt. A roar can restore calm in times of trouble.

Kings live as long as possible. This is how the great empires in the history of the world were created.

A lion wears a crown like a mane on its head. He sleeps 20 hours a day, with a few lionesses present in the troop. It hunts for pleasure, but eats the prey provided by the troop. This is a unique feature that only lions possess.
His only duty is to defend the troop against any attack from other lions, hyenas or any other animal.
He will fight tooth and nail to defend his title of king. If he loses, he will have his throne taken away by another lion and the troop. You can enhance your home decor by using a stunning lion painting. It will not only bring color but also bring order to the jungle.

How much does a lion weigh?

The lion is a fearless animal. It can measure 1m20 and weigh 190 kg. However, he has to deal with hyenas. This conflict is centered on the fact that they both eat the same food. A lion can compete with a hyena in this regard. However, if a lion is attacked by multiple hyenas, it can be damaged.
Only humans can harm the lion. They covet them for their beautiful fur. It is extremely valuable on the black market. This is why the lion is an endangered species.


  • The lions that live in Africa are among the most social felines. Herds can number up to 15 lions.
  • Did you know that lions can be heard up to 5 km away when they roar?
  • A lion can run at a speed of 50 km/h, and can jump up to 11 meters.
  • The darkness of a lion's mane is a good indicator of its age. The lion is old if its mane is dark.
  • Did you know that lions walk without their heels touching the ground?

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