Want a wild decoration? You are in the right place. This section contains everything you need to create an exotic and unique atmosphere in your home.

Namibian Zebra, Lion, Giraffe Rhinoceros, Flamingos, Toucan... Almost all the animals have gone through our graphic palette and our lens, transforming your room into a real nature reserve!

These animal photos are a real treat for the eyes. They will make you feel more relaxed and give your walls an animal touch.

Animal love and to enhance your walls

Tableau Panda Montableaudeco

Panda painting 3 pieces

A black and white board is an excellent decoration tip for a classy and elegant interior. Black and white can enhance the natural elegance of some animals.

You can decorate your walls with animal paintings. Elephants, tigers, and cheetahs are all possible options.

To the delight of the eyes, all these fascinating animals have been rehabilitated by the creativity and inventiveness of montableaudeco!

Wildlife lovers will be delighted to see them painted on vibrant canvases!

Discover the beauty and eccentricity of nature's gifts for interior design that will revitalize your space. You can also pop into the jungle or the local zoo to awaken your inner lion with animal frames.

How to enhance your living room in a colonial, natural, sober or design setting.

Tableau Bulldog Français

The French Bulldog Painting

Each decorative style has its animal. Each decorative style has its signature animal.

Let me explain:

A painted deer is a Scandinavian decoration that you can place above your Scandinavian furniture.

Bright colors are more appropriate for a tropical decorating style. You can use a flamingo board or a parrot board.

We think it's obvious that fans of African decor will love a giraffe or zebra painting.

You'll probably be fine with a picture of fish or a crate of koi for a Zen vibe.

This category includes all kinds of wild animals.

The animal theme is a theme that inspires a lot of creativity.

You will find all types of animal paintings.

Our team will complete your wall frame within days of making your decision.
Whether you choose a small or large format canvas print, the lead time is always 3 days from the date of manufacture.
Each order is processed internally, which gives you the assurance of personalized and 100% French manufacturing.
Buying an animal canvas from our collection is betting on a company on a human scale.

We try to bring a fresh look to Art and share our passion for decoration with anyone who is interested.

After our designers make the original creation, we edit our frames using a printed canvas. This canvas is made to measure, then we fix it to a frame before sending it to you. Once received, you can place the giraffe picture you've always dreamed of on the wall of the room.

Our collection of flower paintings might be a good choice if you're in the mood to enjoy nature.


May 24, 2022