The play of contrasts between black and white is timeless. The black and white board is the ideal partner for an elegant and chic decoration.

A black and white board is a timeless decor that will be appreciated forever! It is both contemporary and classic and can be paired with other colors to highlight and make them stand out.

Black and white fits perfectly into any interior, whatever your decorating style, be it traditional, modern or zen.


Tableau Johnny Hallyday Noir et blanc

You can mix and match colors by adding black or white photos as wall decorations.
Whatever color you have, black and white combined with a bright color will brighten up your home.

If you're redecorating and plan to use black and/or white as the base color, you need to be careful not to overdo it or you'll create a dark, moody atmosphere.
You can make it more modern by using brighter colors.
You can now search for the perfect photo wall mural in this black and white painting section. Only this color is reminiscent of old films and old camera rolls. We recommend choosing a large photo to add more impact to your decor.

The contemporary painting was printed on a high quality decorative canvas. The colors of our deco paints have intense and deep colors making the contrasts between black and white photos amazing. The canvas is then wrapped in a white cardboard 3 working days before shipping.

You can opt for a whiteboard if you hesitate to use a black and white board for fear of falling into a "deja vu" setting.

Tableau noir et blanc moderne le kiss


We won't use the term "color" for black because it is not part of the definition of color.

Black, however, is associated with a certain color in our minds because it exudes a particular symbolism, just like other colors.
Black, in addition to its dark side, has the unique ability to give off a simple and delegated feeling. This is obviously very well exploited in decoration.
A touch of black is usually sufficient. An interior with only black elements would create an atmosphere of austerity, which would be sad to see disappear!
In contrast, a chalkboard, for example, with an abstract pattern, instantly creates a modern and contemporary feel.

Black elements can be incorporated into your wall decoration. They will add elegance and grace to your decor.
Black can be paired with almost any color you can think of, which is a big plus! You can choose the combination you prefer: black/grey (ultra chic), black/pink (ultra trendy), black/orange (ultra dynamic), or black/yellow/yellow/black (timeless).

It's quick and easy to add touches of black without thinking too much! This is where you will find all montableaudeco paintings. They are composed of both black and white paints.

Photographs and abstract art are both rich in black and white contrasts. You can't resist this sophisticated decor.

We invite you to explore our selection of wall art that will inspire you and give you many decorating ideas for your home.