Mylène Gautier was born in Pierrefonds (borough of Montreal) on September 12, 1961 at 5:17 a.m. Her father, Max Gautier, was a road engineer and worked on the construction of the Manicouagan dam. He is the youngest of four children. His mother, Marguerite Martin, takes care of their children. Mylène grew up in a calm environment with her brothers and sisters: Brigitte, her eldest by two years, Jean Loup her brother, born in 1960, and Michel, her second brother, born in 1969. She likes to say that she has few childhood memories, apart from the whiteness of the snow and the maple syrup.

Mylène loved animals very early on and wanted to become a veterinarian. Mylène was an aloof student at school.

Mylène and her family emigrated to France in the early 1970s. They settled in Ville d'Avray, Paris. Mylène was very unhappy with the transplant. She marked his life forever. The suburbs have replaced a friendlier Canadian world.
Mylène often goes to the Garches hospital to visit sick children.
At the age of ten, Mylène won a singing competition. His prize: a book, "The White Rabbit".
She is passionate about animals and signs up for riding lessons at the Cadre Noir in Saumur. After two days spent in the literary terminal class, she obtained her baccalaureate at the age of eighteen.

THE BEGINNINGS (1982-1985)

  • Mylène decides to pursue an artistic career.

She began her career in theatre. She enrolled at Cours Florent, then continued to study with actor Daniel Mesguish. She plays, among other things, the role of Zezette in "Santa Claus is a junk", a play directed at Cours Florent by her friend Thierry Lhermitte.

Some odd jobs for him provide some pocket money. She is an assistant to a dentist, then to a doctor. She tries her hand at advertising and modeling. She first appeared in the press with an advertisement for Ikea furniture. She then appeared on television in various spots, including those for Fiskars scissors and Le Chat laundry soap, and Loto. She also immersed herself in the poetry of Baudelaire and Edgar Allan Poe.
It was at this time that she met Laurent Boutonnat. He will be a crucial part of his future.

After being cast by Laurent Boutonnat and Jérôme Dahan, Mylène made her singing debut in 1984. She recorded "Maman a Tort", a sour nursery rhyme, and signed with RCA. In memory of the American actress Frances Farmer, she chose Mylene Farmer as her stage name. Bertrand Le Page is his manager and the song is a huge success, with more than 100,000 copies sold and numerous radio broadcasts. The English version of "My mum is wrong" is published for export, but it does not meet with success.

Mylène Farmer released two singles in 1985. "On est tous les imbéciles" was a failure, and RCA no longer renewed the singer's contract. Mylène signed with Polydor in 1985 and released a new single plus Grandir. It was a success with a stunning music video and a budget of 330,000 francs (about 50,000 euros), but sales were disappointing.


It was in 1986 that real success finally arrived. "Libertine" is her first single to reach the French Top 50. It is also the first certification for Mylène with a silver disc. Mylène Farmer's physical transformation allows her to become a redhead, which gives her a unique appearance that sets her apart from other singers. It is also the clip of "Libertine", directed by Laurent Boutonnat. This short film would revolutionize French music videos and establish the Farmer/Boutonnat brand.

1987 sees the reissue of "Cendres de lune", which contains the previously unreleased "Tristana"

THE YEARS ARE SO I... AND TOUR 89 (1987 - 1990)

In October, "Sans contrefacon" is the song that announces the release of the second album. Mylène Farmer is a success and a gay icon.

In 1988, the album "Ainsi bien je...?" is published. It will be released after "Sans contrefacon", "...
"Ais se je..." is the first diamond album awarded to a French singer (with more than 1,400,000 copies sold). Laurent's music videos Boutonnat are always made with the greatest care. The video for "Provided they are sweet", "Libertine II", lasts more than 17 minutes and is a huge success. It sells more than 10,000 copies a day in December 1988.

Mylene received the Victoire de la Musique award for female artist of the year in November.

Mylene Farmer was the first person to take the stage in May 1989. "Tour 89" attracted more than 300,000 spectators in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and France. It ended in December with two dates at the Palais Omnisport De Paris Bercy.

Mylène will release a single during her tour including two unreleased tracks: "A quoi Je sers" and "La veuve Noire".

"In Concert", which immortalized the tour, was released on December 6, 1989. Allan is the lead single from the live album. More Grow is the second.

After a long editing process, the video will be presented in November 1990.


After a few months of promotion and rest for the album "Ainsi soi je ..." in Europe, Mylène Farmer released the single "Désenchantée" on March 18, 1991. It was a huge success, with more than 800,000 sales. It also topped the charts for nine consecutive weeks.

On April 8, 1991, his third album "L'autre..." was released. It will be certified diamond album and will exceed 2 million copies sold by France.

After four singles ("Désenchantée", "Regrets" in duet with Jean-Louis Murat, "Je t'aime mélancolie", and "Beyond My Control"), Mylène Farmer asks Luc Besson for her music video "Que mon cœur loose", an unreleased title announcing his first compilation, a compilation of remixes called "Dance Remixes", which was released on November 23, 1993.

1993: Mylène receives the World Music Awards Monte Carlo prize for the best selling record for a French artist.

THE GIORGINO YEARS (1993 - 1994)

A few months later, Mylène Farmer began filming her first feature, Giorgino, under the direction of Laurent Boutonnat. The film was released in theaters on October 5, 1994.

The meeting is neither critical nor public. The Farmer-Boutonnat duo experienced their first failure.

THE ANAMORPHIC YEARS & TOUR 1996 (1995 - 1998)

Mylène Farmer pauses to reflect and records her fourth album in California. She changes her image and discovers herself. "Anamorphosée", released on October 17, 1995, is an unexpected album which presents a more rock sound and puts forward a more feminine and sexier image of the singer.

It contains several singles: "XXL", the hymn to love, "L'Instant X", and "California", which announces its second French tour, "Tour 1996" with three sold-out dates in Paris-Bercy), as well as "Comme j'ai mal" and "Rever". Each single is a success, both in sales and on the radio, and contributes to establish the popularity of the new album which has sold more than one million copies. It was only with "Rever", at the beginning of 1997, that he reached the top of the French charts.

"Anamorphosée" was the most exported French album of 1996.

The album "Live a Bercy" was released on May 20, 1997. It sold nearly 900.000 copies! This is the first French live album Mylène Farmer sings in duet with Khaled, a cover of Michel Polnareff's "La poupee qu'non".


Laurent Boutonnat and Mylène Farmer are recording their new album in the United States. This fifth studio album, "Innamoramento", was released on April 7, 1999. It contains many surprises.

  • Mylène composed the music for several songs.

A new Mylène Farmer is back, brighter than ever, in the images taken by Ching Siu Tung to promote her new single "L'AmeStram-Gram".
This is the first time a new single has been released with a scandal since "Beyond my Control". The video clip "I give you back to love" has indeed been censored. Mylène has decided to release the video on VHS and the profits will go directly to Sidaction.

The album will also include three singles, "Souviens-toi de jour", "Optimistique-moi" and "Innamoramento". This will allow it to sell more than a million copies in France and become a diamond album.

The "Mylenium Tour" begins simultaneously. It includes several dates in Bercy (again sold out) and a tour through France. Three dates in Russia are also planned for the first time.

Mylène Farmer sponsors a young artist in June 2000. Alizée came to sing "Moi.... Lolita", which was a huge success all over the world. Many singles come out of the album "Gourmandises", written by Mylène Farmer and whose music is by Laurent Boutonnat.

  • Alizée was the revelation of 2000 when she received her first prize at the M6 ​​Awards in December 2000.

After a long wait, the Mylenium Tour is finally released on December 5, 2000.
The long-awaited "Draw me a sheep" will be the first (and only) live single.

Mylène Farmer released the single "L'histoire d'une fee, c'est" on February 7, 2001. It's a song we discovered on the soundtrack of the animated film "Le Rugrats à Paris" , which was a first for her.


On November 13, "Les Mots" is finally released. It was sung as a duet by Seal, a talented British singer who reached the top of the charts in 1991.

Fans were eagerly awaiting the release of this new album, "Les mots", which includes 3 previously unreleased songs: "C'est une belle jour", & "Pardonne moi" which will all be released as singles.

The best of is a triumph, with a new diamond album, and around 1.6 million copies sold.

Mylène has once again been nominated for the NRJ Music Awards. She won the prize for the best French-speaking female artist in 2003 for the fourth consecutive year.

Laurent Boutonnat and Mylène Farmer produced "My Electric Currents", Alizee's second album in 2003. It was also her first tour.

"Lisa-Loup and the storyteller", a story of philosophy written and illustrated by Mylène, will be released in bookstores on April 23.

The album "RemixeS", composed of previously unreleased remixes by world-renowned artists, was released on December 3, 2003.


To discover Avant que l'ombre..., the sixth studio album, you will have to wait until April 4, 2005. From which will be extracted "Fuck them all", "Q.I", "Redonne-moi", "L'Amour is nothing...", "Maybe ài" and "Fuck them all". Despite the crisis in the record market, more than 500,000 copies will be sold throughout France. "Before the Shadow..." will be certified triple platinum.

Mylène gave thirteen concerts at Bercy in January 2006. The concerts were sold out for several weeks. The show "Before the shadow...a Bercy" was immortalized on CD and DVD, which were released in December 2006. "Avant que l'ombre...a Bercy" was the best-selling music DVD in France, with over 400,000 sales.

Mylène had just proposed a duet with Moby, "Slipping away (Crier la vie),". It's a real hit (number one in singles sales, gold single for 200,000 copies), which no single from "Before the Shadow..." had ever managed to reach.

  • Mylène Farmer's biggest hit in Russia is "L'Amour n'est rien...", which was one of the most listened to songs in 2006 by radio stations.

Finally, Luc Besson's film "Arthur and the Minimoys" was released on December 13. Mylène embodies Princess Sélénia in the French version. She will receive the "NRJ Cine Award 2007" for the best dubbing.

2007 is a year without sound. Fans can take comfort in the December release of "Giorgino" on video.

STITCH & TOUR YEARS 2009 (2008 - 2010)

In 2008, Mylène claimed that her new single "Degeneration", released in June, was "Faut qu'ca mouvement" and let it move! Tickets for the two concerts at the Stade de France, on September 11 and 12, 2009, sold out in three hours. It's a record. All 100,000 tickets sold out within a day after tickets went on sale a few days later.

Available for download from June 19, 2008, "Degeneration" ranks number 1 and sets a new record for downloads in France (over such a short period).
When the physical medium is released on August 20, "Degeneration" ranks directly in first place in sales with the best start of a year.

The album "Point de Suture", with its pop-electro sound, was released for digital download on August 20 and in stores on August 25. This is the first time that Mylène has been able to rank an album both at the top of the physical and digital sales charts. "Point de Suture", a triple platinum album in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Russia, will be certified. All of the singles taken from the album ("Degeneration", "Appelle mon number", "Sextonik") reached number one on the French singles chart, making Mylène the artist or group with the most singles on pole. position since the creation of this ranking in 1984.

Mylène also wrote the lyrics for the song "Drole de Creepie", with music by Laurent Boutonnat. This song was used in the credits of the French version of the cartoon "Growing Up Creepie". She is played by Lisa, who is Mylène's niece.

The indoor concerts of the "Tour 2009" started in May 2009. There were 29 dates in France, two in Russia, St Petersburg and Moscow. Mylène performed for the first time in stadiums in September. She did it on September 4 and 5 (her 48th birthday), at the Stade de Genève, and on September 11 and 12 (her birthday) at the Stade de France. On the 19th, it was at the King Baudouin Stadium, in Brussels. The "Tour 2009" will have attracted more than 560,000 people.

The live album "Ndeg5 on Tour" which captures the indoor concerts of the "Tour 2009", is now available. It will be available on December 7, 2009. It is a double platinum album in France, which ranks at the top of sales since its release.

On December 2, the film "Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard" was released, in which the singer lends her voice to the character of Princess Selenia.

  • The "Mylène Farmer Stade de France" DVD was released on April 12, 2010. The film of the concert had been screened in 19 cinemas in France, including the Grand Rex in Paris, the day before.

"Mylène Farmers Stade de France", DVD Diamant, was certified in less than a week and sold more than 250,000 copies.

THE BLUE YEARS & 20012011 (2010-2011)

Mylène once again lent her voice to Sélénia on October 13, when "Arthur and the War of Two Worlds", the third and final part of Luc Besson's Arthur trilogy, was released.

Mylène made a resounding comeback at the end of 2010
A new single, "Oui mais... RedOne released Non, a new single composed and produced by RedOne on September 29th. He also announced a new album without Laurent Boutonnat.

Mylène has added Moby, RedOne and the group Archive to "Bleu noir", her eighth studio disc.

While "Oui mais... Non" was a hit, and "Oui mais..." Bleu Noir" was also a hit overseas, earning a platinum record for Russia and Belgium and a gold record for Switzerland.

In 2011, Mylène released two new singles from the album with "Bleu Noir" (and a film directed by Olivier Dahan) "Lonely Lisa" beautifully illustrated by Roy Raz. This video will reach number one on the French singles chart.

Mylène, in a wedding dress called "Libertine Swan", creates a buzz on July 6 by parading with Jean- Paul Gaultier.

The new single 'Du Temps' from the singer's second bestseller, '2001.2011' was released on radio and legal download platforms on November 2,
Laurent Boutonnat returns for the music and the making of the clip. He had not made a video for Mylène in 2002 since "Pardonne-moi".
"2001.2011" will be available in stores and for download on 05 d December. It is accompanied by a selection of three CDs, including "Les mots" (2001.2011) and "2001.2011".

On January 28, 2012, Mylène received a Diamond Award for her entire career at the "NRJ Music Awards". This is the first time that such a trophy has been presented to an artist since the creation of the ceremony.

THE MONKEY ME and TIMELESS YEARS 2013 (2012-2014)

A press release was sent to the media on September 27, 2012 announcing Mylène's return with concerts, "Timeless 2013", (Mylène is pictured with "platinum blonde" hair in the poster photo ). The concerts are planned from September to December 2013, as well as a new record.

The box office opened on October 4, and demand for concert tickets has been huge. In 24 hours, 200,000 tickets were sold and 300,000 in two months.

The new single "A L'ombre" was released on the radios on October 22. It is also available for legal download. The video clip, directed by Laurent Boutonnat, will be broadcast exclusively by TF1 on December 1.

The album "Monkey Me", available on December 03, marks the return of Laurent Boutonnat, who composed all the music. The album is certified Triple platinum in France after having sold more than 385,000 copies.

Two other singles will be taken from the album "Monkey Me", 2013. "Je Te Dis Tout" released on March 4, 2013, and "Monkey Me" in stores on March 7 October 2013. (note that Mylène proposed, for the first time in her career, a single cover contest).

Between September 7 and December 6, more than 500,000 people will attend the "Timeless 2013" tour. There are 39 dates (including ten at Bercy).

The live album "Timeless 2013", will be released on December 9th. It will be sold to more than 150,000 copies.

"Timeless 2013 The Movie" will premiere and exclusively in cinemas on March 27, 2014. 101,107 people will rush to cinemas in France, Belgium and Switzerland to see the film. This will allow Mylène Farmer, the artist who gathered the most people at a single screening, to set a new record.The film will also be available in Russia, Canada and Latvia

Mylene will be able to acquire a triple diamond video if the DVD and Blu-Ray media are released on May 16th.


Mylene presents the book "Fragile" on May 15, 2015. More than 90 photos of Sylvie Langrenon, with excerpts from song lyrics.

"Stolen Car" was discovered by the avenger on August 28, 2015. It is a duet between Mylène and Sting. This is the first single from the tenth studio album "Interstellaires", released on November 06 and which will be certified triple platinum for more than 300,000.

Mylène also illustrated a philosophical tale by Michel Onfray, "Polaire “, which was released on November 12.

Mylène appeared on television for the first time since her debut in the United States, in the "Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon". Mylene went viral online when she attacked Jimmy Fallon with a saucepan. Cherrytree Records was Mylene's first US release for Martin Kierszenbaum's "Interstellar" album. Mylene was the co-composer of nine of the songs and the producer.

Two more singles from the album were released in 2016: "City of Love", and "C'est pas moi", while "Stolen Car" reached No. 1 on the club chart in the States -United.

Mylène will be in Winnipeg, Quebec, on October 28 for the filming of the film "Ghostland" directed by Pascal Laugier. Pascal Laugier had already directed the clip for "City of Love".


It will be available for streaming and download on January 19, 2018, the first extract from Mylene Farmer's eleventh studio album: "Rolling Stone", co-composed by Feder. It will be the number one seller of the album.

On March 14, France released the film Ghostland by Pascal Laugier. Mylène plays the role of Pauline. Mylène's performance is hailed by critics. It was seen by 250,000 people in France, which is a high figure for a film of this genre. It was also broadcast internationally.

The duet with LP, "N'oublie pas", was released on June 22. It reached number one on the singles chart in France and became the 19th number one single for Mylène.

The album "Desobeissance" is available from September 28th. Feder composed twelve titles, LP with Mike Del Rio & Leon Deutschmann. Mylène participates in the composition of two songs, and signs all the texts (except Baudelaire's poem "To the reader") Two new singles have been released: "Desobeissances" and "Des tears". The album was certified Double Platinum in France at the end of 2019 and sold more than 260,000 copies.

2019 Mylène brought together 235,000 people from June 7 to 22 for nine concerts at Paris La Défense Arena. It was the biggest show in Europe.

On October 18, the album "Live 2019" was released. It was certified platinum in France, with over 50,000 copies sold in three weeks.

"Mylène Farmer 2019 Le Film", which was released in theaters on November 7, attracted 155,000 spectators from 18 countries and 613 theaters. This made Mylene the performer with the most viewers at a single screening of a movie event. The DVD and Bluray media of “Live2019 The Movie” were released on December 6. They include a diamond video in France, which sold over 40,000 copies in one week, and a double-diamond certification in three weeks.

  • 2020 Mylène will reveal behind the scenes of the preparations for her concerts at Paris La Défense Arena. This documentary series, "The Ultimate Creation", is available on Amazon Prime Video from September 25, 2020.

The opening and ending credits of the documentary feature an unreleased song, "l'ame dans l'eau" It is also the last unreleased track from Mylène's third album, Histoires of, which will be released on December 4, 2020.

Two big surprises for 2021.

  • Mylène is a member of the 74th Cannes International Film Festival, chaired by Spike Lee, from July 6 to 13.

She also announced a "Nervermore2023" stadium tour. Tickets sold out in just eight hours and have been a big hit since October.

August 02, 2022