Contemporary or Modern Painting a trendy decoration!

If you are looking for paintings for your interior decoration or simply for your collection, you now have the possibility of acquiring one or more of them online. Indeed, the site offers you a wide variety of unique high quality canvases. There is something for every style and for every price. Here's a preview of what to expect.

Unique wall decoration for nature and landscape lovers

If you are a nature lover and want to dress up your interior with a living room decorative painting, our site has a whole range of colours, sizes and prices. You can get a cheap decoration painting with the themes of landscape and nature from only €54.90. Take advantage of the beauty of the colors of these paintings and treat yourself to a unique wall decoration.

If you particularly like plants and flowers, you can acquire for example the decoration painting The Flower Girl 5 parts for only 99€. In the same category, you will also have the choice between The Red Tree, The 4 Seasons or The Tree in Autumn to name a few. Still in the Flora category, you will find 3-part paintings from 99 euros.

If you are more of a fan of landscapes, you will also find what you are looking for with paintings of 3 to 5 pieces. The themes here vary between Sunset on the Beach, Colorado (a magnificent view of a lake with high mountains covered in greenery in the background), the universe, the Waterfall, Space, the Sea and Cloud and many other unique paintings to discover. With a budget between €15 and €40, you will be able to afford a cheap decorative painting to brighten up your interior.

Inexpensive decorative painting for sports enthusiasts

Sport is undoubtedly the discipline or activity that brings together the most people around the world. Whatever the field, you certainly have a favorite sport, whether you practice it or not. So if you are a football fan, you can get a living room decorative painting from a popular football club like Paris Saint Germain, Olympique de Marseille or FC Barcelona. Still in the field of football, the site also offers you decorative paintings of rising stars like Kilian Mbappé World Champion 2018 in limited edition, or confirmed stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, for a budget between 17 and 25€.

If you are not a football fan, you will certainly fall in love with the decorative paintings with the themes of great champions such as Mohammed Ali or Valentino Rossi. And you can take your choice of cheap decorative painting further in this category by opting for a canvas with the theme of motorcycles, sports cars, racing cars and Formula 1.

Decorative paintings on the theme of music and cinema

Embellish the interior of your living room or bedroom with a cheap decorative painting of your favorite artist or movie. On our site, you have the choice of unique paintings by stars like Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Johnny Hallyday, Michael Jackson or Madonna. On the cinema side, you can opt for a wall decoration with a painting of Bruce Lee, Stars Wars, Spiderman or The Avengers.

Unique wall decoration with spiritual motifs

Anyone looking for a wall decoration with a spiritual and Zen theme will find what they are looking for on the website, this one offers for example a inexpensive decorative paintingfrom 15€ on the theme of the Indian Woman You can also obtain the Face of Buddha in large format for 20€ only or the Red Buddha for 14€.

Whatever you want, take a look at the gallery on and you will certainly find an cheap decorative painting that will offer a unique wall decoration to your interior.