Trendy decoration board

For those who want to use the canvas as part of their decoration, it is not necessary to be limited to a single painting to fill the entire wall. A common problem faced by home decorators is that they are not able to find a singular decor chart for the theme they want. However, it doesn't have to be that difficult. With the multi-part decorative paintings offered by, all you have to do is choose several paintings with the same theme to cover the whole wall.

Choose a trendy decoration board according to your decor

It's not enough to choose a cheap decoration board. It is also necessary to take into account the color palette which must be in harmony with your interior decor. More importantly, the size of your decorative painting. This can vary so you have choice in your wall layout. On the site, you have the choice between a table in 3 parts, a table in 4 parts and a table in 5 parts. These are paintings in sets of three, four or five that form a larger painting. If you are not fond of minimalist decorations, these paintings may be for you. Having a multi-part painting would be handy, especially for filling large empty walls in the house.

How to arrange your multi-part decoration board?

Your decorative painting can be hung in a group above your sofa, in a large dining room, in a hallway, on a staircase, or above a large bed. It's a great way to decorate a large wall using several smaller pieces of canvas to create one large piece of art.

Whether you get a 3-part painting or a 5-part painting, you will have a group of small paintings of different sizes with similar characteristics like:

  • similar colors;
  • a single theme such as portraits, landscapes or seascapes;

You will need to have multiple parts of a theme to have common characteristics so they look great together. So if you have several pieces of flower canvas, you can hang them together in a group. Make sure the overall size of the decorative painting will fit your wall space. A good way to determine this is to arrange the pieces on the floor next to the wall you plan to hang them on.

Determine if the dimensions of your decorative painting are right for your space

On the floor, you can define the arrangement of your decorative painting and see how you will arrange your pieces. From here you can already see if the arrangement will look balanced. Typically a large piece of canvas will serve as the base painting where you can place smaller pieces above or beside the large canvas.

The large canvas at the bottom will keep your artwork grounded and balanced. Place the larger painting on the floor and gradually add smaller pieces above or to its left or right side.

Once you have grouped the paintings on the floor, you can also see if the total size of your 4-part painting for example will be too small or too big for the wall next to it . Don't forget to consider furniture size too when arranging picture sets. Your decorative painting should not be wider than your sofa or headboard.

There is a specially designed lever to help you hang pictures in themes made up of different pieces of canvas. Some hanging kits can also be adjusted to raise or lower the canvas to create that perfectly balanced grouping.

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