You can immortalize your memories using this category of name boards. It's the perfect gift for any occasion.

Montableaudeco allows you to personalize your poster or painting with the first name(s), date(s) and year of birth of your choice. Simply enter the number of people, as well as their first names and dates of origin. Give a memorable gift to your family and friends! It is also a symbolic gift that shows that you are thinking of your loved ones, and that you are always there to help them.

Tableau Personnalisé un cadeau pour toutes les occasions

How can I personalize my poster or painting with my first names and dates of birth?

After choosing the panel(s) you want, many options are available:

  1. Once you have selected the product page, enter your information in the empty fields (first name and date of birth).
  2. Click add to cart (or quick buy).

The different print media we offer:

We offer poster printing, canvas printing and plexiglass printing.

How to make your house a home? You will need some personal decorative items. The best way to find personalized gifts for your home is to use Montableaudeco.

We offer a wide range of paintings with + 45 Collections, it's a choice of +1000 Canvases, including luxury, popart, nature, Zen, Geek, animals..., as well as a remarkable selection customizable name boards that you can treasure.

Looking to add the finishing touch to your dining room? You may be looking for a unique gift for your wedding or a simple painting to personalize for your family and friends. Montableaudeco offers custom canvas prints that are unique and personal. You can add a personal artistic touch to any wall in the house. Home decor ideas include customizable paintings and posters. Personalized wall art makes a great gift. It can brighten up a living space in a new home or revitalize an old living room. Our wide selection of custom wall art, posters and decorations are high quality and easy to use. Browse our selection of wall art, panels and canvases. You can decorate your home with custom wall art in so many different ways.

Tableau Personnalisé un cadeau pour toutes les occasions

Name boards and customizable posters

There's a gift for everyone when it comes to gift giving. Our posters and wall art are customizable and make the perfect gift for any occasion. You can use personalized posters and canvases as gifts for birthdays, graduations, college or high school graduations, or other similar events. You can also choose personalized wall art that is suitable as gifts for homes, businesses, or any other place where wall art is appropriate. Our custom charts are often purchased to display surnames. In fact, you can display 10 names on a single board.

What is a good occasion to offer a name board?

We offer a wide selection of wall art, posters and paintings that can be personalized. Here are some of the occasions where you can gift a personalized board.

  • Valentine's Day
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Anniversary
  • Family birthday parties
  • Birthday of a child
  • Friend's birthday
  • Funny in the kitchen
  • Decorating children's rooms
  • Decorating an adult bedroom
  • Decorate your living room
  • There are many more suggestions!

What is the best way to stretch a web?

We believe stretching canvases by hand is more efficient than any online canvas printing supplier To ensure the best quality display for your photos, we stretch all frames to hand.

What type of wood is used to make our name boards?

montableaudeco frames are made of kiln-dried pine wood from sustainable forests. This wood is strong and can securely hold a canvas of any size. The edges of the wooden frame are rounded so that the canvas can slide over it.

What type of canvas is used to print our name boards?

Because it is more textured than standard photo paper, we use poly cotton canvas for our customizable name board prints. This material is ideal for fine art reproductions and for giving your photos museum quality.

Many companies claim to use 100% cotton canvas. We believe this is poor quality material. Here's why:

Cotton is a breathable fabric, which means it can be easily torn and dries quickly. If the durability of cotton is not its greatest strength, the elastic properties of polyester make it a more durable material. Polyester canvas can make photos look plastic because it can get sticky from sweat. 100% cotton canvas is expensive and requires high maintenance. 100% polyester canvas is more affordable but does not show well in photos.

We combine cotton and polyester to get the best of both. The canvas is lightweight, wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for.

What types of printers and inks can be used to print name boards?

To ensure consistent results, we use the latest HP Latex printers. We believe in minimizing downtime and waste through reliable performance. We use HP Latex printers to improve the quality of your designs, photos and images. They also give them rich, vibrant colors thanks to HP Latex Inks. These inks are manufactured with the environment in mind, and do not require special ventilation or hazard labeling.

How do I choose my print medium?

Many support options are available. You can choose between: aluminum cardboard, poster or canvas. You can choose the medium that best suits your needs and budget. A poster is a good choice if you have a limited budget. A chalkboard is a good choice if you have a moderate budget. You can also opt for the premium aluminum bracket if your budget is not too tight.