It is not easy to choose a painting for a room, or a wall decoration, to decorate a living space like a living room. You need to consider many factors to make the right choice. You should leave no detail to chance, from the size of the interior decoration to the colors used. Montableaudecooffers its best advice for choosing your canvas from a wide variety of original models.

These tips are for a living space. These criteria are different for a bedroom and a kitchen.

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1 What size painting is best for a living room?

It is important to determine the size of a large decorative painting for a man's living room. The good news ? Your living room is often the largest room in your home, so choosing the right size is easier!

There are a few rules to remember so as not to choose the wrong large format decorative paint.

  • To create harmony, the frame should not exceed 2/3 the length of your sofa.
  • The edge of your furniture must be at least 15 cm from the paintings.
  • A small painted picture cannot fill a large space. You must accompany your painting with at least one other painting to avoid giving the impression that the room is empty.
  • Also take into account the height of your ceilings to choose the

    To a window:

    You need to make sure there is enough space between the curtains and the walls to allow the artwork to fit in. It is recommended to leave a space of 5 cm between decorative artwork and windows.

    eye level should be the focal point of a room. Your table should not be seen from above.

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2 A living room decoration that suits you!

The design decoration you choose should reflect you and highlight your passions. You can be original, but the painting should reflect your personality.

It doesn't matter if it's a hobby for nature, animals, or a character trait such as sincerity, kindness, the painting must convey these values. This is the most personal aspect of choosing a painting for your living space.

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3 How to choose colors for an array

It is important to choose the dominant colors for a painting in order to create a successful interior decoration. Many people make mistakes when matching them to existing decor.

First, create a decorative canvas in your living space that highlights the colors. Don't take chances with your decor. For example, is a multicolored picture suitable for a single-colored wall?

It is important to mark the color of your wall so that the canvas is clearly visible if it is to be the main art in your room.

The same color can be used in different colors. There are dozens of colors available, so choose your favorite and enjoy. We advise you not to use too many colors.

The mirror can be used to reflect the beauty and colors of your wall art. This is a very common method that showcases a canvas print in a living space.

Not sure which colors to choose? Mixing white and is the best choice. Our Paris Eiffel Black and White Painting will enhance your modern living space.You like animals ? A very classy black and white lion painting is the right choice

These two colors can be combined with ABSOLUTELY any other color to create a beautiful atmosphere in your living room.

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4 Where to place your painting in your living space?

At sofa level :

It is best to place the painting at eye level. There's a great way to make sure you

To a window:

You need to make sure there is enough space between the curtains and the walls to allow the artwork to fit in. It is recommended to allow a space of 5 cm between decorative works of art and windows.

eye level should be the center point of a room. Your table should not be seen from above.

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5 Respect the decoration already in place!

Are you looking for abstract paintings or contemporary art? Do you have a central theme around which you have built your house? Even if that's not your intention, many shoppers will choose items that are inspired by a particular theme. You can choose a vintage, minimalist, warm or zen wall decoration. Modern paintings are the hottest trend this year, so be sure to take advantage of them!

Decorating homes with a theme is easy because you can quickly get rid of things that don't fit your theme and focus on decorative items that will best suit your living space.

We hope this article has been useful to you and that it has made it easier for you to choose the living room decoration painting that suits your needs. You will find the perfect one among the many decorative paintings that we offer!