Whatever your situation, if adventure and the exotic are what you are looking for, our collection of world maps will bring back fond memories that will inspire you to explore our beautiful blue planet.

World Map Chart: A printed chart that allows you to travel around the globe.

You need to make a piece stand out. It can be difficult to choose the right printed picture to decorate your home. If you like travel and adventure as well as the great outdoors, exotic countries and wide open spaces, it will be a lot easier than you think! You can be sure you made the right decision by choosing a world map print.

A world map print is sure to please both the avid traveler and the collector of fine objects. It is possible to find many different types of world map paintings. Some world maps have been created especially for globe-trotters. Their world map allows them to keep track of all the countries they have visited!

It's a great way to decorate your bedroom or living room if you have many countries to visit.

You can choose the best world map painting for you and the wall decoration that suits you best.

Vintage printed paintings for your living room: the world map painting

This type of world map painting is very popular with travelers of all kinds! These world maps, which show an image of the entire globe in stunning detail, are also attractive items that can be collected. Travelers are treated to beautiful decorations and world maps with rich vintage and oversized maps. These maps can be wall mounted and are easy to mount. A large printed map can be easily placed on top of a sofa, armchair or other piece of furniture in your home.

Travelers like to draw maps of the world because they allow them to escape to a different world.

The effect of this travel map board will be the same whether it is used to decorate the living room of backpackers or couples traveling the world. Printing your world map will bring back fond memories and allow you to share your experiences with others.

What could be more moving than someone showing a map of his last trip and telling us about the people and culture he encountered, the exotic dishes he tasted and the breathtaking landscapes he saw ?

A map of the world: Give your child the chance to experience the joy of travelling.

Do you still remember the wall decoration you had in your room when you were a kid? Do you think you can make the connection between the wall decoration of your room and your current life?

The wall decoration in a child's bedroom will have a significant impact on their future tastes. If you are a former traveler, or if you appreciate the cultural diversity of the world, it is important that you share your love of the planet with your child.

A color printed world map board is a popular communication medium for schools, colleges and high schools. It can be used to teach basic knowledge about the world: names of countries and capitals, major cities and rivers, oceans, forests, deserts and seas. To make the exercise more fun and engaging, you can introduce your child to the globe by offering quizzes or guessing games on the capitals.

We recommend hanging a map of the world in your child's room to stimulate their curiosity.You never know, it could inspire him with a taste for adventure and the desire to be outdoors as an adult

World map canvas: Where to hang your painting?

A travel canvas print can be hung in any room in your home, even if it's the living room or the child's bedroom. These wall decorations are very popular and can be used to decorate any room in the house.

A world map printed can be hung in a hallway to make a sad space more inviting to cross borders.

These world maps can even be purchased in XXL size and can be easily hung in small spaces to add character and grandeur.

Your world map board will draw your attention to new cities and countries each time you come across it. That may be enough to make you want to travel again!

A world map board is a great way to decorate your bathroom, hallway or office.

You will find a perfect deco painting for your home if you are looking for a richly colored and detailed world map painting. You can also find the perfect world map photo for your home decor if you are looking for a simpler and more detailed photo.