Urban Art Street Art in New York

This article presents our favorites, from giant walls to new spaces. Each piece pays homage to New York's best street art and graffiti.

Street Art New York: history and journey

In the 1970s, street art was born in New York. This was at a time when the city was plagued by crime and bankrupt. In response to this chaos, young children in Brooklyn and the Bronx began spray painting subway cars and buildings. Although this practice is illegal and dangerous, it has given rise to an art form that has spread throughout the world.

This art is now as popular in museums and galleries around the world as "classical" art. There are many Street Art museums in New York. Manhattan became the haven for billionaire financiers and foreign oligarchs, while the Bronx and Alphabet City were destroyed. Rents have risen to the point that the five boroughs are no longer livable for those who are not "wealthy".

Street art ironically thrives because it is sanctioned by community groups, business owners and even developers. Don't worry, street art still has the same charm and charisma that made it so captivating back then.

  • This article presents a selection of street art that we recommend you visit if you find yourself in New York. The streets of New York are a veritable gallery of Street Art.

Banksy Street Art New York: Hammer Boy

1. Banksy Street Art New York  Hammer Boy

Banksy is well known for his love of New York City. He held a month-long "exhibition" across New York City in 2013 called "Better Out Than In." Unfortunately, much of his work has been covered up and/or destroyed, to be defaced, or sold. This modest Upper West Side stencil is still intact thanks to the building's current owner.

To preserve the work of the great British graffiti artist, the owner has installed a plexiglass screen. If Banksy art is important to you, we invite you to take a look at our Street Art collection. It is entirely devoted to Banksy. This is your chance, Street Art lover! To fill the spaces on your walls with magnificent canvas prints, (100% European production and delivery within 6 days).

Address: 79th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam

Commemorative Wall Art: Big Pun

Murale commémorative  Big Pun

  • This is the second piece of the Street Art New York tour. Tats Cru created this tribute to Big Pun, aka Big Punisher, or Christopher Lee Rios, a Puerto Rican rapper who died in 2000.

This artwork is located in the Bronx and is repainted every year on Big Pun's birthday, serving as a reminder of the deep connection between this community and Big Pun. He was the first Latin rapper to be certified platinum as a solo artist.

3. Audubon's Wall Project

This painting makes this area of ​​New York the Street Art District. Address: 910 Rogers Place in the Bronx. Mural Project by Audubon has partnered with Gitler & Gallery of Hamilton Heights to complete several street art murals that are mostly located in Upper Manhattan. Their strikingly beautiful plumage is dedicated to birds that are threatened by climate change.

If you are interested, you can download the map that shows where you can see street art in New York.

4.Bronx: Wall of Fame

The "Wall of Fame" is an unofficial title for this block in the South Bronx It's a shame because this block in the South Bronx could use some real status (Street Art Gallery New York), plans for razing it in favor of affordable housing is underway. The story of the wall is indisputable. Queens legend Izthe Wiz, Phetus from Long Island and the MSK team from Los Angeles are just a few of the many artists who have painted murals, done graffiti and written messages on its bricks. You only have a few days left! It's time for you to visit New York and see this work of art before it disappears... Here are the places where you can take your best Street Art New York photos.Address: E 173rd St, West Farms Rd Bronx

5. Bowery Graffiti Wall

In 1982, Keith Haring was the first major artist to paint this wall. Its generous surface area and location have inspired many artists, including JR, Banksy and Shepard Fairey.Address: Houston St at Bowery

6. The Bushwick Collective

Bushwick native Joe Ficalora has made his neighborhood a must-see by creating a 12-block outdoor museum that showcases graffiti artists from around the world. As you wander the streets near Jefferson Street L Station, be sure to spot Rosk & Loste, a Sicilian duo, and Vexx's tiger-themed mural. Address: Starts at Troutman St. and St. Nicholas Ave

7. The temple of graffiti

This wall in East Harlem was founded in 1980 by Ray Rodriguez, an activist who wanted to promote the positive attributes of graffiti. It has since transformed into a place where graffiti can thrive and hip-hop culture can be embraced.

  • Address: 106th St at Park Ave
May 10, 2022