Original gift idea, personalized paintings.

To dress up a wall, nothing beats a magnificent painting with dimensions proportional to the space. Personalized paintings will help you restore charm to your interior. They can also bring some of your affection into the homes of your loved ones. For all your table personalization projects, the confection starts from your ideas. Here's how customizable canvases can bring happiness.

The gift idea for the whole family from 2 to 10 first names

Personalized family name table

Tableau Prénoms Famille Bord de plage

The perfect board for your daily motivation

The harmony and energy provided by your interior have a great impact on your liveliness and bring joy to life. Subconsciously, the beauty of your decorations helps release stress and brings comfort in bad times. The custom board is much more than a perceived futile expense by some.

Indeed, it allows you to remember your identity and to affirm yourself. Therefore, your aspirations are of great use for the preparation of your table. The colors, patterns and typography to put on your board should look like you. Otherwise, the desired effect will not be achieved and your canvas will end up being indifferent to you.

Customize your tables to keep the family together

The feeling of belonging to the family is an important need in everyone's existence. To symbolize this place in the home, first name paintings are made for you. This personalized table allows to engrave the name of each member of the family in all beauty.

For longline families, the Tree of Life chart is also a popular alternative. This time, the names of grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren are sublimely grouped together on the canvas.

You can also brighten up your family photo by opting for caricatures. A fun idea that will surely appeal to young and old alike. Superhero adaptations are particularly popular with science fiction fans.

Relive the wonderful moments every day

Happy days often pass very quickly and are savored without moderation. Luckily, the custom board makes it easy to remember. Indeed, on D-Day, we are often taken by the emotion and the tons of things to do. Memorable moments can then go unnoticed or insufficiently experienced. All you have to do is send your best photos and communicate your specific expectations. You can choose between the various materials and sizes to suit your interior.

The perfect gift for all occasions

Any item personalized as a gift shows care for loved ones. Indeed, to be able to offer such a present, you need time and also imagination. Thanks to the personalized tables, your surprise will be successful.

Wedding, birthday, baptism, birth or any other celebration, the unique painting is a gift idea that pleases. In addition, quality paintings with a good quality/price ratio allow you to please without breaking the bank. Place your orders now so you don't miss your loved ones' upcoming events.

Give cachet to each room with personalized paintings

All you need is one centerpiece for your living room to reflect your image. A beautiful portrait of the family on the personalized board will testify to your warm welcome to your guests.

For the children's room, or the baby's room, a painting with his image will make your little one feel loved.The older ones can opt for the trendy themes to be in full in their passion

In the parental suite, the table of the couple's photo helps to maintain the fire of love. This large-format image facilitates complicity and promotes rapprochement.

Unique designs for your paintings

Personalized paintings with a sober and elegant design give your interior a distinguished and timeless decoration. Your paintings can then be kept over the years. You can even pass them down from generation to generation and retain the sentimental value.

For freshness and modernity, fabrics in sparkling colors bring originality to the room. Discover the wooden 3D paintings for a new style. Your portraits or caricatures are drawn without background and underlined by a black frame.

Additional table panels are also customizable. This will allow you to bring out every detail to perfection and dress large walls.

Quality materials for durable personalized boards

Custom boards are designed to last. This is why the materials used must be of high quality and meet the standards. Among other things, supports entirely manufactured in the EU make it possible to ensure the traceability of each component. You can choose between stretched canvas on a frame, plexiglass or premium quality posters.

As for the resolution of the images, the high definition printing up to the sides of the frame is always appreciated. The ink used must also be chosen with care. No risk of deformation under the effect of temperature variation will therefore be to be feared on your personalized boards.

In addition, the products used must not contain toxic elements to be suitable for bedrooms. Indeed, the diffusion of fine particles by inks or other poor quality components leads to serious pathologies.

Receive your personalized paintings on time and in perfect condition

To order your customizable tables, your expectations are defined in a few clicks. In addition, you can provide your details during discussions with the design teams.

The skills of professionals in the field will be of great help to you in optimizing your order. The production of your tables is done naturally after your approval.

Handling custom paintings can be problematic during shipping. Especially for international deliveries, switchboard insulation must be optimal. To receive your package in style, the fabric is protected from shocks thanks to the superposition of:

  • Anti-shock padding bag,
  • Angle of protection,
  • Anti-fall foam panel,
  • Multilayer corrugated cardboard box.

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April 15, 2022