We often think of storage when we think of the entrance. But why not a painting? The decoration is not to be neglected. A painting on your entryway walls will reflect your personality and set the tone for your home.

Your customers, guests and patients will see the entrance first. It is important to think about the decoration of the entrance to your business premises!

The entrance hall should be inviting and welcoming. Here are some ideas to decorate the walls of the entrance

Tableau Abstrait

To hang your artistic decoration

Remember to put your painting canvas directly on your storage unit. A very painterly effect can be obtained by placing a canvas directly on the console, the bench or the bench of the entrance and leaning it against the wall. It's a great way to create a casual and artistic decor. This allows you to create a beautiful composition of decorative objects around the paintings. The best part is that you can easily change the decoration of your entrance if you get tired of it!

It's a stylish way to decorate your entryway.

If you prefer to hang your pictures on the wall, arrange several modern pictures in a grid according to the dimensions of your entryway wall. It is now possible to hang a picture on a wall without drilling a hole.

Here is a list of the 5 most popular hooks

  1. Adhesive strips
  2. Masking tape
  3. Adhesive pads
  4. Double sided tape
  5. Adhesive hooks or suction cup

You can arrange the arrays from 2 to 4 or 5, depending on their size and format. This will create a visual effect and allow you to adapt it to larger or smaller hallways.

Decorate a narrow entrance with colorful paintings

It is difficult to decorate a narrow and long entrance because it is dark. You can brighten up your entryway with beautiful abstract paintings. The hallway is a place of passage, so you can let your imagination run wild with colors like an Azul blue painting or a yellow cast. The coral and pastel pink paintings will add warmth and joy to your decor. You can increase the space in your entryway by painting two colors horizontally. One color will be on the bottom and another on the top. To enhance the overall effect, choose a darker shade for the abstract painting. Dare to use bright colors!

Decorate your spacious entryway with a wall full of paintings

It's a mistake for people to think that decorating grand entrances is easy. It is important to have a functional entrance. Otherwise, it can quickly become cluttered. Storage will be added to your space by furniture, dressing hooks and an entry console. The art gallery can help you organize your wall decorations. You can create a visual by placing it along the entire length of a hallway. This can be done by mixing different paint styles and keeping the same color.

Hanging abstract paintings between your entryway doors can add color and character to your decor.

Decorate a large hallway using an XXL size chart

To hang paintings on your hallway walls, you don't have to be a collector. You can mix and match different paintings. Be bold and have fun! We offer 220cmx120cm paintings as well as XXL paintings in one piece in 150x100cm.

For large entrance walls, the XXL painting should be in a maximalist style. You can hang prints or paintings on the entryway walls if you don't want wallpaper.The minimalist movement is inspired by Scandinavian design Hygge This soft and clean trend is very personal and can turn your interior into a show home. Let's adopt a Mediterranean approach and give our entry a little more soul. To bring warmth and life into our interior, it is important to experiment with color and multiply the shades. It starts with a nice painted entrance.

Abstract Painting and Printed Abstract Paintings

An abstract painting can be a way to express your tastes without being influenced by fashion trends. Your decoration will be timeless and original, whether in a hallway or an entrance. Our site offers abstract paintings which are either reproductions of graphic designers or specialists in the art of matter. You will find the effect that suits you, whatever the type of effects used: collage, graphic, geometric, material or optical illusion. Listening to your needs

June 04, 2022