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New arrivals decoration table!

Wall decor trends are constantly evolving, with new styles, techniques and themes emerging. In this article, we present the new additions to our collection, focusing on pieces that reflect the latest trends and star collections to discover. Whether you are looking for a decorative painting, a living room decorative painting, a decorative painting or a personalized painting, we have what you need.

The essential trends in paintings

Geometric abstract art Minimalism and geometry meet in works of geometric abstract art, a trend that seduces with its refined aesthetics and harmonious shapes. Browse our selection of geometric abstract decorative paintings to bring a touch of modernity to your interior, especially in your living room.

Pastel colors and earthy tones Pastel colors and earthy tones are very popular this season, bringing a soft and soothing atmosphere to your decoration. Discover our collection of decorative paintings in delicate and natural shades, perfect for creating a cocoon of serenity in your home.

Digital art and contemporary illustrations Digital art and contemporary illustrations continue to grow in popularity, offering original and daring works. Don't miss our selection of digital living room decoration paintings and illustrations signed by talented and promising artists.

Star collections to discover

Street Art Painting Street art comes into your interior thanks to our collection of decorative paintings inspired by this urban art. Colorful, bold and often engaged, street art paintings bring a touch of modernity and originality to your decoration.

Fashion Painting Fashion is also a source of inspiration for artists, and our collection of fashion paintings is proof of this. Discover elegant, trendy and refined works that feature fashion icons, accessories and iconic patterns.

Pop Art Painting Pop art, with its bright colors and eye-catching patterns, is still popular. Our collection of pop art paintings allows you to bring a touch of dynamism and fun to your decoration, while celebrating popular culture and the emblematic artists of this movement.


Our collection is constantly being renewed to offer you decorative paintings, living room decoration paintings, decorative paintings and trendy and original personalized paintings. By following artistic developments and highlighting star collections such as street art, fashion and pop art, we are proud to offer you off