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Here you have the choice for a Dragon Ball Table

What a magnificent manga collection! We are Fans! The world of Akira Toriyama in your online store intense and explosive colors enhance your interior decoration with a dragon ball painting we have the most fun originals everything to have a real decorative pleasure or offer an original gift that will seduce and please.

Are you a fan of Manga and Super Saiyan? You are in the right place. This online store has the largest collection of Dragon Ball Z paintings. Our 1 or 5 part Manga paintings are perfect for fans of the DBZ animated series.

This collection contains the most iconic characters from the Dragon Ball series, such as Goku, Vegeta and Broly, Broly, Son Gohan or Shenron, Trunk Vegeto, Boo Cell, Piccolo, and many more.

Our Dragon Ball Z paintings quality:

We guarantee high quality HD printing. We only use wood from sustainable sources. All DBZ frames are handcrafted. We prefer to work by hand because it allows us to inspect the framing of your paintings. Our 1-part photos were manufactured in Germany and France while the 5-part photos were manufactured in Asia.

The paintings are then packaged with the greatest care. We want to ensure maximum protection during transport.

Dragon Ball Z photo dimensions:

You have the choice between several sizes

  • 5 panels: 20cmx35cm x2, 20cmx45cm x2, 20cmx55cm x1
  • 5 panels: 30cmx40cm, x2, 30,cmx60cm, x2, 30,cmx80cm and x1,
  • 5 panels: 40cmx60cm x2, 40cmx80cm x2, 40cmx100cm x1
  • 1 piece: de40x60 cm 180x120 for older children

Why buy a dbz board from us?

We want to offer the best to our customers. This is our daily motivation.

  • High Definition HD Printing
  • Fresh printing - Printing on demand to achieve good color rendering
  • Delivery within 8 days of printing
  • Artisanal manufacturing (by hand).

Montabledeco is committed to the environment and nature. We are committed to planting a tree for every product we sell. Our partners are also committed to using responsibly sourced wood.

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