A Japanese painting to create a zen and modern design

Japan is a world rich in images and symbols. Strategically placed, these Japanese-inspired works of art immediately inspire you to contemplate and travel.

If you are looking to bring an extra zen touch to your interior, hanging Japanese paintings in your home is the solution!

If you are a yoga lover and love relaxation and meditation, decorating your practice space with Japanese painting art is a wonderful idea to enhance your decor.

For example, you can create a quiet and symmetrical space by placing two plants (bonsai or Japanese plants) on the opposite side of your carpet. You can then increase the size of the mat with a large XXL sized painting that depicts the Japanese landscape or a Japanese painting of cherry blossoms or an art canvas that represents the virtues of loyalty, honor and justice like the Samurai painting which is one of our bestsellers.

However, you don't have to be a yogi to install a piece of Japanese art in your home. This type of art is capable of integrating into the decoration of any space, from the most refined to the most popular.

One of the greatest advantages of Japanese painting is that it allows you to create a Zen universe and also refers to cartoons and manga that belong to popular culture!

Japanese painting: which art paint to choose to bring happiness to your interior?

The Japanese universe is rich in symbols. To create a positive atmosphere in your home, hang the Japanese painting which represents various symbols of luck and happiness in the right places in your home.

One of the most famous and admired Japanese paintings is The Great Wave off Kanagawa, a decorative painting in the style of Hokusai's prints . This canvas, which is a huge wave in the shape of a tidal wave, represents the power and strength of the elements. It could also symbolize the power of happiness which sweeps through life.

Some Japanese paintings representing serene landscapes, flowering trees and cranes, stars or stars are also wonderful symbols of luck, happiness, good fortune and inner peace.

It's up to you to choose the Japanese painting and symbol that speak to you the most!