Vincent Van Gogh is known as an impressionist painter with a particular artistic style. He stands out from other painters by his paintings painted with bright and warm colors detaching from the impressionist style.

Our reproduction canvases and paintings on printed canvas by great painters are among the best known and most expensive today. So, in order to provide you with a canvas equal to that seen in a gallery, we use high definition photo printing on artist canvas.

Vincent Van Gogh was one of the great painters, one of the monuments of neo-impressionism. To decorate your home, you can now have faithful reproductions of his works.

Interior decoration should include frames for photos, paintings and prints. They allow you to show off your artistic and aesthetic tastes, express your personality and add character to your home. Although it can be difficult to find a satisfactory original painting, you can easily obtain reproductions of artwork from world-famous painters.

Why buy a Van Gogh painting?

The beauty of Van Gogh's work is the first reason to buy a Van Gogh oil painting. You can treat yourself to a faithful reproduction of Van Gogh's original works even if you don't have access to them. It retains all the aesthetic appeal, depth and meaning of the original work.

Second, even though they date from the late 19th century, the Dutch artist's paintings are still very relevant. His techniques, colors, tones and elements are still relevant today. This is all the more true since some of his paintings, including Starry Night, as well as his self-portraits (Self-portrait with bandaged ear and Self-portrait with palette) have become part of pop culture. They are reworked and transformed into countless variations.

A reproduction of a Van Gogh painting is a great way to add symbolic value to your home, given the artist's legacy and artistic impact.

In which rooms can I place a Van Gogh painting?

All paintings can be placed in any room in the house, regardless of their author or medium. It's important to match the theme and colors of your painting to the room.

A Van Gogh reproduction can be a great addition to a living room or dining room. It will show your artistic and decorative taste and add color. This artist's paintings are known for their bright, vibrant and deep colors without being too kitsch or vulgar.

This painting can be a conversation piece in your living room.

You can also place a Van Gogh painting in your bedroom or master suite. It can be integrated into any style of decoration and adds an artistic touch to the room. It's hard to let go of its rich detail and depth. This work can be admired in your home for many years, revealing new facets every time you look at it.

A Van Gogh painting can be placed in the child's bedroom. It's a way to introduce children to the visual arts and the great masters of painting. Fine art can be enjoyed at any age.

The Van Gogh paintings are available in different sizes. They can be integrated into spaces where you least expect them, such as a bathroom, hallway or kitchen.

Which Van Gogh painting to choose?

It is your tastes and preferences that will determine the choice of your Van Gogh painting. We must not be discouraged, art serves a purpose, namely to allow its admirers and its authors to express themselves.

However, it is best to take certain criteria into account before making a decision.

Although they share certain effects, such as color variety and depth, this artist's paintings differ in tone and technique. Paintings in warm colors, such as Portrait with a Bandaged Ear or The Iris, lend themselves better to dark walls. Starry Night is also a good example.

Hanging Van Gogh paintings with a plant theme can be a great way to accent a green interior. These include a vase with oleanders and olive trees under the sun, green wheat fields or a farm in Provence.

The right format for your table

Montabledeco offers many formats for tables. They range from 30x40cm to 180x120 for a large format painting.

This wide range of options allows you to choose the right format for each room. For example, a large living room may require a large painting, while a medium-sized painting would be suitable for a bedroom. The smaller formats are more suitable for small spaces and small volumes. They're perfect if you're looking to create a picture wall that includes several small pictures.

You can also choose tables to arrange in a specific way. For example, you can place two self-portraits of the artist opposite each other. A medium or small format is ideal for this purpose.

What is Van Gogh's famous painting?

Vincent Van Gogh's paintings, highly prized by art lovers around the world, are unique and precious because they reflect his perception of nature as well as his states of mind. His life was chaotic, difficult and full of family and emotional drama.

We can tell which paintings he painted during periods of serenity, and which ones he created after his most difficult moments. The Starry Sky is an example. It was painted by him in 1889, while he was detained in a mental hospital. It depicts the starry night as he saw it from his bedroom window. It is a haunting vision of a sky where the stars swirl, as his thoughts must have swirled.

Another characteristic of his work is the mixture of different painting styles. The cropped-eared artist mixes impressionism and pointillism, making them unique in art history.