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Sports board and a good gift idea

You know that paintings are currently among the modern decorative objects most appreciated by many people, not only for their very practical side, but also for conveying in the room that personality that you want to bring out in yourself.

If you are a sports lover, then what could be better than treating yourself to one of our magnificent paintings at particularly attractive prices, especially high quality paintings?

Fan of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé or Neymar Jr, a pretty painting that brings the world of PSG into your home will get people talking, and will immerse you in this world at any time!

You will find in our collection of sports paintings, most of the great sporting figures of this century, whether in football, motocross, boxing, basketball, combat sports , etc. You may also have a preference for paintings that convey a strong personality and a symbol of power, and mark your passion for sport.

So visit our entire collection and get the best sports painting perfect for enhancing your bedroom, your living room, your kitchen, your office or any space where you like to spend your time. Don’t forget to take advantage of certain promotional items. Our paintings are 100% French with guaranteed premium quality, you can buy up to 3 times free of charge, and delivery is free.

Our goal is to have an interior that reflects us. The sports board represents passion and fighting spirit. It is the ideal decorative accessory for sports fans.

Find the ideal sports board to brighten up your interior thanks to our wide selection. Everything is customizable and can be adapted to your needs, whether it's format, theme or frame.

How to choose the right sports board for your interior decoration?

If decoration were left to everyone's interpretation, logic would dictate that there would be no rules. To create harmony, there are a few things you can do to help your walls.

The size of a sports scoreboard is determined by two factors: the surface area and the extent of the wall. A painting that is too small or too large will make your room look cluttered. You can choose one large painting or several small pieces depending on what you want. To help you determine the size of your painting, measure the width of the wall and multiply that number in centimeters by 0.57. This will help you determine the best size for your wall.

You must consider the style of your room before choosing your painting. The type of interior you have or want to create does not necessarily fit all the pictures. The best aesthetics for installing a sports board are industrial aesthetics, often in neutral tones. This will leave room for a work or a character. The Scandinavians, where a painting of a dancer in soft, pastel tones will complete this elegant atmosphere. The more neutral your decorating style is, the easier it will be to arrange artwork.

It is important to stick to a precise line in the choice of colors. Either you choose to harmonize the room with a cameo close to the colors of the walls or furniture, or you take the risk of adding a bold touch by using contrast. If your room is already very lively, black and white paintings can be a great compromise.

What does a sports board represent?

Since Antiquity, art and sport have been closely linked, notably through the sculptures of the Olympic Games. This perspective evolved through photography and painting. We can see that men have always been moved and inspired by the movement and dynamism of the body.

It is important to choose what we want to see every day, what motivates us daily, when choosing a decorative item. This motivation can be symbolized by a sports board. It can also represent the combination of feelings, competition and surpassing oneself.

A sports painting can be a representation of flamenco dancing, a footballer or even Kylian Mbappé or other intellectual games like poker.

Which room(s) are suitable for a sports photo?

Your home is yours and you can choose where you want to place your paintings. The decision is yours whether you want them in the entryway, living room or bathroom. We have some suggestions to help you showcase your sports board.

The living room is the simplest room to decorate in a house. It is the most spacious room in the house and the best place to display large works of art. It's also the ideal place to showcase your sporty personality. Use the dimensions of the space to choose a canvas divided into several parts. This fantasy will adapt to the surface of the room and transform your living space.

We can easily imagine the sports board in a games room. Playrooms aren't just for kids. Adults also have the right to use them. What could be more clever than a painting representing a poker hand, placed above your table football or billiards table? It will instantly set the mood and create a gamer vibe. It's also fun to play sports, so it has its place in a space that allows you to relax and have fun. Your interior design will not be boring if you create a unique atmosphere in one of your rooms.

You can also imagine a space on the theme of sport for the more sporty. Restful sleep is guaranteed when you are surrounded by your passions, both when you wake up and when you go back to sleep. A single painting placed on a neutral wall opposite or above the bed will complete the artistic arrangement of your bedroom and add a personal touch.

Can a sports board be placed in a child's bedroom?

Children are more sensitive to colors than to the painting itself. You can choose soft tones for the walls and bright colors for the canvases, or a mix of pastels.

With the exception of the paintings on the theme of gambling, there are no inappropriate sports works. Use warm tones and soft figures, and make sure they are the right size for your child. A decorative object that is too large could frighten him.

It's a fun and interesting idea to ask your son to choose the painting that will decorate his room. If he's old enough, he might choose a painting of his favorite sports team.