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Animal Paintings, always perfect decor

A fascinating collection of animal paintings, fans of small creatures or wild animals, come and discover our collection of unique paintings on the theme of animals.
We offer you a wide range of animal reproductions as varied as they are original to enhance your interiors. If you are also passionate about nature wall decorations, our canvases are impatiently waiting for you.

The beauty of the animal world as a source of inspiration

The world of animals represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration for interior decoration. Nature, mystery and a touch of originality, this is the fascinating cocktail that Monpaindeco offers with its collection of paintings inspired by the world of beasts. Printed on canvas, our works present your favorite animals in a new light and in new colors.

Find the savannah animals such as lion, zebra, bull, tiger, elephant, wolf, giraffe, birds, butterfly, deer, mole and many others in superior quality canvases.
Similarly, you will have the opportunity to meet your faithful pets, dog, cat or rabbit, in ever more original settings. From powerful motifs embodied by wild animals to gentler ones like domestic animals, come and discover the painting that matches your wall decor.

All the animal richness in your decoration

If the world of animals has such strong decorative potential, it is because it inspires us as much as it amazes you. The know-how of our experts and their unrivaled creativity allows us to create decorative canvases for all your decorative ideas. Do you want to add color to a child's or baby's room and romance to an adult bedroom?

Let yourself be seduced by a large modern animal painting.

Thanks to a more than varied palette of colors and inspirations, our animal paintings adapt to every type of wall decoration. In the modern decor of a contemporary or Zen style apartment, it's up to you to choose the animals that will match your wall art.
Our range of paintings Black-and-white for kitchen and living room will certainly satisfy lovers of sober, dark or classic decor. Our decorative paintings combine modernity and innovation to create unique works to hang in all your rooms.

An original gift idea for animal lovers

Want to offer an original and trendy gift? Delight your loved ones with an art painting with the animal theme. From our impressive collection of designer paintings, choose the one that matches each person's personality. A fierce wolf or lion for a friend with a dominant personality or a little cat for a more fragile person. Everyone's passions can also be great sources of inspiration for choosing the ideal gift.
Dog, cat, parrot, rabbit, dinosaurs, insects, find the canvas painting with the animal that will please each of your loved ones.
Decide on the format and category of animals, and we will take care of the printing. Thanks to beautiful photos of animals on printed boards, they will in turn be able to give more exoticism and creativity to their decorations.