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Collection of paintings Banksy: rediscover the artist's emblematic works on printed canvas

Banksy, an essential figure in urban art, is a British artist whose identity remains secret. He is known for his satirical and subversive stencils which address themes such as politics, society, war and poverty. Through this collection of Banksy paintings, we invite you to rediscover his most striking works, reproduced on printed canvas. Immerse yourself in the world of this enigmatic artist and let yourself be seduced by the power of his messages.

The origins of Banksy and his impact on urban art

Banksy: an artist with an unknown face

The identity of Banksy remains a mystery. However, it is generally accepted that the artist is from Bristol, United Kingdom. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, and his works are also featured in many public spaces, including on walls and buildings. The anonymous nature of Banksy reinforces the aura of mystery that surrounds his creations and draws attention to his messages rather than to his person.

Banksy's influence on urban art

Banksy revolutionized urban art by placing it in an engaged and critical approach. His works often provoke thought and spark debate on the subjects they address. Through his talent and unique approach, Banksy has inspired numerous urban artists around the world, thus contributing to the recognition and popularization of this art.

Banksy's key works reproduced on printed canvas

"The Flower Thrower"

This emblematic work shows a masked protester throwing a bouquet of flowers. The contrast between the violence of the action and the sweetness of the flowers symbolizes the desire to promote peace and love in a context of conflict. On a printed canvas, this reproduction will bring a touch of poetry and commitment to your interior.

"The little girl with the ball

The image of this little girl letting a heart-shaped balloon fly away has become one of Banksy's most famous works. The fragility of the balloon and the sadness that emanates from the little girl can be interpreted as a metaphor for lost dreams and broken innocence. Hang this printed canvas reproduction in your living room or bedroom to create an atmosphere that is both soft and melancholy.

"The parliamentary monkey"

This provocative work shows a monkey carrying a sign that reads "Laugh now, but one day we'll be in charge." She denounces the corruption and incompetence of political leaders. The choice of the monkey as a symbol of this criticism is particularly impactful, highlighting the absurdity of certain political situations. Hang this printed canvas in your office or living room to bring a satirical touch to your decoration.

"The police kiss"

In this work, two British police officers exchange a kiss, depicting an unexpected and paradoxical situation. Here the artist addresses themes of love and acceptance, while criticizing prejudice and homophobia. This reproduction on printed canvas will add a subversive and engaged dimension to your living space.

The advantages of a collection of Banksy paintings on printed canvas

Quality reproductions

Our reproductions of Banksy paintings are made on high quality canvases, offering bright colors and excellent resistance to damage. So you can enjoy these works of art for many years, without worrying about them fading or getting damaged.

A wide choice of dimensions and styles

This collection of Banksy paintings includes several sizes and styles to suit all tastes and all interiors. Whether you prefer square, rectangular or panoramic formats, you will inevitably find a reproduction that will correspond to your desires and the space you have available.

An original and committed wall decoration

By choosing to hang a Banksy painting in your home, you are opting for a wall decoration that is both original and meaningful. The works of the British artist are indeed loaded with strong messages and societal critiques, which will bring a touch of commitment and reflection to your decoration.


The collection of Banksy paintings on printed canvas is an invitation to rediscover the work of this renowned urban artist, whose creations continue to fascinate and challenge. By integrating these reproductions into your decoration, you will help to disseminate the committed and critical messages conveyed by the art of Banksy, while bringing a touch of originality and modernity to your interior.