Presentation of our collection of oriental decorative paintings

Transform your interior with oriental printed paintings

Create an exotic atmosphere with oriental paintings on canvas

The oriental printed paintings will transport you to an exotic universe, as if you were in a small street in Marrakech, an oriental carpet bazaar, or in the heart of a spice market. They will allow you to modernize your interior decoration and enjoy a unique exotic interior.

If you are looking for original and exotic interior decoration, you are in the right place!

Oriental painting on canvas: an invitation to travel thanks to oriental art

Whether you are passionate about travel or simply a fan of the atmospheres and flavors evoked by Arab landscapes, oriental print paintings are made for you!

Very popular with lovers of the oriental world, these canvas paintings allow you to create a designer wall decoration and a pleasant atmosphere in any room of your interior.

In a living room, an oriental painting will create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere, conducive to sharing or introspection depending on the mood. In an office, a simple glance at your oriental painting will be enough to soothe you, refocus you and get you back to work with more confidence and concentration. In a bedroom, a painting inspired by oriental art can also be a great idea. Before falling asleep, you can contemplate your oriental painting for a few moments during a short visual meditation, relax, let negative thoughts evaporate and prepare yourself for a wonderful night's sleep.

And if you regularly practice yoga or meditation, or if you have a space dedicated to these activities at home, decorating the walls with paintings representing a landscape or a work of oriental art will help create an environment conducive to relaxation.

Diversity of oriental paintings: calligraphy, mandalas, Oriental rugs, Arab landscapes

The oriental world offers unparalleled visual richness: calligraphy, oriental carpet patterns, landscapes of deserts or Arab cities, textures, colors and designs inspired by Arab art. Whatever your tastes and your interior decoration.

How to hang your oriental painting on canvas?

The way you arrange or hang your oriental painting depends on the style of decoration and the atmosphere you want to create in your interior. If you have opted for a triptych painting or 5 large format canvases, it is strongly recommended to hang your paintings on the wall above an imposing piece of furniture such as the sofa in the living room, the bed in your bedroom, the dining room table or the fireplace in your living room.

On the other hand, if you have opted for a smaller format oriental painting or in a single canvas, several layout options are available to you.

If your painting enhances your oriental-inspired decoration (low furniture, poufs, ethnic printed fabrics, etc.), in this case, you can afford to simply place your painting on the floor against a wall or placed on a small stool. This informal way of hanging your canvas will only reinforce the atmosphere created by your oriental decor.

And if you want to give your painting all the space it deserves, hang the canvas above your small altar space or in a more minimalist part of the room. Your painting will then take on a whole new dimension and will go from the status of a printed decorative canvas to that of a true work of art.

Every time you enter your new space, you will feel like you are entering a real oriental art museum!


You now know what you have to do: look for the oriental art painting that best reflects your tastes and your personality, choose the appropriate format and which will best combine with the destination piece of your painting, choose your type of framing (with stretcher or simple canvas) and your type of hanging, and add a nice oriental touch to your decor with these paintings printed on canvas!