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A Celebrity Painting the good gift idea

Adorn your pieces with a movie star or music legend!

Today, many personalities have shined in the modern art of music and cinema. Their most beautiful photos are circulating on the internet, and everyone wants to have them at home. Thus, wall decorations represent the best alternative for adding collections of paintings to your art gallery.
Deco paintings, original painting paintings, original canvas, personalized painting, decorative canvas, are all works within your reach. So you can find a colorful and trendy modern painting to suit your taste. Discover our collection of contemporary decorative paintings and decorate your home with your favorite stars.

Unique pieces that pay homage to great artists

  • Johnny Hallyday, Bruce Lee, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin… So many artists who have been famous for many years. If you are a fan of these great personalities, all you need is a home decor painting to perfect your image.
These decorative paintings present true tributes to these impressive people. So, having modern paintings of these stars will only enhance your personality.
In addition, these modern and decorative frames will give you the opportunity to make a better design decor of your interior. Whether in the baby room, a child's room or an adult room, you can discover your passions. So, trust us with the wall decoration of your home. You will not be disappointed ! Moreover, you can enjoy several experiences thanks to the different canvases and paintings available.

Artistic works “by artists”

  • An original painting demonstrates the brilliance of its author’s ideas. It is one of the visuals that you will only do once or twice in your life. In our case, they are real artists who have been able to create several types of paintings on canvas. In addition, note that most of the deco frames were painted by hand. In this case, what will you discover with us?

Tables with unique characteristics

  • Bruce Lee Black and White painting, Marilyn Monroe Star painting, Jimmy Hendrix 5 panel painting, Lord of the Rings painting, Bob Marley Legend 5 panel painting… And, the list is not finished. Yes, you are not at the end of your surprises. We reserve you a warm welcome with excellent quality decorative paintings.
Your favorite canvases have been made to last for a long time. Most of them are made with plexiglass, acrylic paint, stickers or aluminum. You will also discover certain paintings with a wooden frame. Everything has been well thought out. All that's left to do is order affordable pieces!
Unconditional fan of music and cinema? Help yourself!
If you are a fan of music or pop art, you can order a star cinema music painting. You will certainly have a unique experience, because these tables clearly show how important this area is to you.
With their bright and well-made colors, you will be able to find a good mood. You will never have the impression of being in front of an abstract frame or abstract paintings. If you love hanging posters for your home's interior decoration, you know what to do now.

A perfect gift idea!

Whether it’s an art canvas or an art painting, you can give them as a gift. Just think about what your friend, loved one or partner likes most in music, and make your choice. Of course, we will help you achieve your goal. So you will enjoy all your contemporary paintings.
Obtain a large-format decorative painting painted by real artists and make it a decorative object. Whether it is a photo on canvas or printed, a decorative painting is always a plus in interior decoration. It can be available as a contemporary painting, canvas painting, abstract painting, wall canvas etc. In your rooms, you have a panoramic view of the relief that constitutes an abstract and decorative canvas, a poster or a photo in polyester, cotton canvas, oil on canvas, black and white painting, beige, brown, etc.