Choosing your modern painting

There is nothing better to dress up a wall than to put a pretty decorative painting on it. Carefully chosen and positioned in the ideal place, it catches the eye, bringing character and elegance to a room. The trend is modern canvas. But how to choose your modern painting? Our advice.

Modern painting: a harmonious splash of color

The modern wall picture comes in many ways, tackling very different themes from an original, impactful, quirky and sometimes even abstract angle. However, it goes with all interior styles, to bring a decorative touch, with elegance and audacity.

Tone on tone

So that your modern painting naturally finds its place in the room for which it is intended, it is best to choose it in tones that match the rest of the decoration already in place. This reminder will visually ensure a pleasant and prettiest color harmony.

Tapestry, curtains, furniture, trinkets help create an interior atmosphere. A well-chosen painting serves this atmosphere that emerges, without denoting. Its presence in the room and where it is placed should be obvious.

Depending on preference, it is possible to opt for monochrome tone-on-tone, for a gradient of colors or for a combination of colors that blend well together.

For the most minimalist and uncluttered interior decorations, black and white paintings are particularly highlighted in such an environment.

Betting on contrast

Another completely opposite solution can be chosen, which can also provide a remarkable result. This is about playing on the contrast.

For example, in a room with a very refined decoration, a very colorful or abstract decorative wall painting will inevitably focus attention.

On the contrary, in a very colorful interior, the more neutral modern painting will be a source of calm, and will help to find a certain balance.

Choose a table in its image

Because it is a very remarkable decoration in an interior, the theme, colors and pattern of the painting should be selected carefully, as well as its future location.

The choice of theme for the painting is a matter of taste and a personal decision. For a successful decoration, the chosen painting must instill emotions, resonate in itself, reflect its values, its passions or a part of its personality. It is that the painting will be visible on a daily basis, whether it is placed in a passage room or in a living room. There are modern canvases for every taste.

Pop art paintings are very colorful. They boost with their bright and shimmering colors which explode on the canvas and come to sublimate the representation in its smallest details.

Urban art also invites itself into interiors with modern street art paintings and their tangy and hard-hitting look at the world around us.

To let your imagination run wild and reinterpret your modern painting again and again, bringing abstract art into your home is the ideal solution. Abstract paintings echo emotions.

Contemporary paintings are also on trend; just like the paintings in the Nordic series, which blend perfectly with Scandinavian decor, or the paintings in the Black and White range, very chic and glamorous.

Modern decor does not forget to awaken the senses, with sexy, suggestive paintings to leave room for the imagination or more daring.

A modern and contemporary decoration at a low price

Changing your decor is a way to renew your interior at a lower cost.And the cheap modern board is perfect for that

It is a decorative accessory that can be used in any room: for decorating the living room, bedroom, hallway, office, kitchen...

In the living rooms are placed the most dynamic paintings in terms of message and colors. For night rooms, more sober and soothing paintings are most often preferred.

But it's all a matter of taste, the important thing is to give free rein to your desires, for a personalized decoration, in your image and in which you feel good.

The low prices of modern paintings make it possible to change them regularly and to have fun according to your desires. The many themes are approached and treated from original angles. Enough to match your decoration to your current mood.

It's also a solution for keeping decoration current by following trends, which are changing rapidly.

The affordable prices of the paintings, their quality and the wide choice of themes, colors and sizes are real assets to sublimate your interior, bring elegance and warmth, whether the choice is for a single painting or on a accumulation of modern paintings.

Also, the painting is easy to place, move, replace or inter-change. Updating interior decoration is within everyone's reach. It is done in just a few minutes, without the need to engage in large-scale and relatively expensive work.

Single array or accumulation?

The modern decorative painting is sufficient in itself to decorate a wall in a remarkable way. They come in small, medium, or large sizes; in a single frame or with a representation divided into several parts.

However, it is also possible to choose to place several paintings in the same space, in a particularly trendy accumulation and a private art gallery effect.

In all cases, the size and position of each painting must be carefully determined. In a small space, it is preferable to opt for a modern, small format table. If the wall is wide and bare, then an XXL or large format painting is ideal. For an accumulation of paintings, we opt for different sizes, with a common thread for the theme and the colors.

In any case, the paintings are always placed at eye level and without exceeding the piece of furniture placed just below if necessary.

Choosing a modern painting requires a minimum of thought, especially in terms of placement, size and dominant colors. But there is also another decisive factor that should not be overlooked: the crush. Because hanging a modern painting at home is not trivial. Beyond the neat, original, striking and elegant decoration, it comes down to exposing loud and clear a message, a value, a part of oneself.

May 05, 2022