Although the painting is an essential decorative object that has existed since the dawn of time, it can be displayed in many different ways. Painting on canvas is a great way to personalize a living space.

Living room painting - Where to place it?

That's it, it's done! You have made your final choice among the many decoration styles we offer.
Choosing the board isn't the most important decision. Before making the decision to purchase one of our designer boards, it is important that you find a place of distinction. It is important to place the canvas decoration in a prominent place in your living room. Its location and the pattern chosen are important factors for the decoration of your living room.

A modern painting above a sofa

Tableau street art montableaudeco

Street Art Painting Love is All We Need

Let's start with an easy but effective location: above the sofa. Your sofa is often placed against the wall in your living room. This leaves an empty space above your sofa. That is why it is important to decorate this area of ​​the wall in a quick and easy way.

This painting is placed above a sofa. It echoes the graphic carpet. We love its graphic shapes which respond to each other with accuracy, and which underline the elegance of the decoration of the living room.

A decorative painting is placed on the floor of the living room.

The wall canvas is often hung on the wall to be noticed. However, it can also be placed on your living room floor to get noticed.
A unique installation that has advantages for tenants as well as for those who want to change decoration frequently.

Tableau Street art

Street Art painting children and the wall

This decorating idea is perfect for lovers of modern art.
Large format street art can be placed on that white wall or on that beautiful wooden floor.

You don't have to place a painting on the floor.
This photo will help you visualize our modern painting "But where is Magritte". This original painting will not fail to surprise with its double reference (a nod to "Where is Charlie" and a tribute to the surrealist painter).

Do you dare to paint a triptych?

A modern living room should not have an empty white wall. This rule is too chic and lacks personality. The triptych painting allows you to wake up and dress up large empty spaces. It is completely adaptable and validated. We recommend it!

This large living room has enough space to accommodate our modern jungle triptych. It would be a shame to deprive yourself. It adds an aesthetic and colorful rhythm in this bright room.

Hang a painting above a fireplace

For fear of temperature variations, we sometimes hesitate to hang a photograph above a fireplace. It is a pity to leave this space unattended. A painting is a great way to showcase your fireplace.

May 23, 2022